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Rebuilding Student Engagement After COVID-19

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Session Description:
The past two years of virtual learning have revealed the tremendous impact that COVID-19 has had on our education system. Students dealt with many challenges which caused them to view their education as a secondary step to having a successful life. As a result, they began to distance themselves from interacting with their learning environment and classroom routines.

Join Reba Gordon Matthews as she shares strategies to help rebuild student engagement by utilizing some of the most effective teaching and learning techniques from both virtual and in-person learning.

You will also discover how to develop stronger teacher-student connections, raise the level of technology in the learning space, and communicate with parents in a way that will increase the number of responses.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss specific teaching and learning techniques to help rebuild student engagement.

  • Explain how to develop and maintain stronger teacher-student connections.

  • Discover ways to raise the level of technology in the learning space.

  • Identify methods of parent communication that will increase the number of responses.

  • Assessment: Participants will join a collaborative backchannel chat and discuss techniques for rebuilding student engagement to demonstrate their understanding of the session objectives and reflect on their learning.


    Status: Available On-Demand
    Subject: Cross-curricular
    Last aired on: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 @ 11:00 AM EDT
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Credit Hours: 0.5
    Categories: Learning Theories & Strategies
    Tags: Classroom Management, Collaborative Learning, Parents, Student Engagement

    Reviews (12)

    Good ideas !
    Full Member
    I really enjoyed how Reba brought in the interpersonal connections of getting to know someone. As she mentioned, it's not about being best friends or even liked by all your students, rather it's letting them know who you are and getting to know a little bit more about each of them. Also reiterating that consistency is key! As a first year teacher, I'm finding out each day that consistency and repeating concepts is a main piece of a teaching foundation.
    I love that Reba addressed the complexities that were created by the pandemic and the best practices to counteract the affect that COVID-19 has had on students, teachers, and the educational system itself.
    I know students and teachers have returned to in-person learning for a while now, but I feel the lingering effects of online learning as a result of the pandemic are still impacting our students' learning and are still relevant even today
    very good, I liked the Tick Tock Classroom because the kids love the Tick Tock.
    this was very helpful to me. I am trying to put this on my service but It got deleted or removed
    thank you!
    Love the routine and focus introduction to keep things on schedule idea.
    thank you
    thank you
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