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Design Thinking: Starting Small with Sprints

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This is session two of six for the series titled Using Design Thinking to Empower Learners

NOTE: While we recommend that you attend all sessions of the workshop series to meet the learning objectives, each workshop can be attended as a standalone. Full members will also have access to view the recordings on-demand and earn up to six continuing education credits

Workshop Description:
Just like sprints in track and field, Design Sprints are short projects that are structured to help students learn the steps in the Design Thinking Process. Join Lauren Boucher and Brian Whitson as they share the value of starting with Design Sprints when introducing Design Thinking, including best practices for implementing the framework with your students. Participants will also have an opportunity to access done-for-you templates and support materials to create their own content-specific learning experiences that they can immediately use with their students.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the value of starting with Design Sprints when introducing the Design Thinking Process to students.

  • Design, adapt, and implement a Design Sprint framework to actively engage students and practice the steps of the Design Thinking Process.

  • Special Technology Instructions: Participants will need access to an internet device and a non-school, personal Google account. SimpleK12ís Google Classroom will be utilized for the interactive and hands-on components of this workshop.
    Participants will also need access to two devices: one to view the training and one to participate in the make-and-take component. In addition, access to a digital creation tool will be required, such as Google Slides, Google Drawings, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, etc.


    Status: Available On-Demand
    Subject: Cross-curricular
    Last aired on: Thursday, April 28, 2022 @ 7:00 PM EDT
    Duration: 1 hour
    Credit Hours: 1
    Categories: Differentiation & Personalization, Learning Theories & Strategies
    Tags: differentiation, learning strategies, personalization

    Reviews (11)

    The activities were fun and engaging!
    These ideas create an avenue for teachers to dip their feet in the waters of STEAM. I love this because anyone can do it.
    Basic Member
    I love these got my attention, I am sure my kids will love this! I want to use the choice board after using these ideas in class so I can see which one they choose as their favorite!
    Full Member
    Sprints and hustles are great ways to start student thinking!
    Thank you for sharing those ideas!
    Full Member
    It was something new.
    Full Member
    Thank you for the creative ideas. I can't wait to create with my students.
    Full Member
    Very creative Sprint Choice Board! All about this theory is very innovative!
    Full Member
    I liked the activities!
    Full Member
    I liked that they gave us time to participate, maybe less time to do the activities would have been better. Thank you for sharing the presentation. I am going to look for session 1.
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