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Brain-based Literacy Strategies to Support ESL Students (Part 2)

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Session Description:
Each student is different in the way that he or she learns, so it is important to use different techniques in your teaching practice to appeal to a wide variety of learners and their needs. Join Michelle Dragalin as she shares a variety of brain-based teaching strategies to effectively teach students with language delays and students who are second language learners. You will also learn tips and tricks for making your students’ learning more productive without undergoing major shifts in their instruction.

Learning Objective:
  • Discover a variety of brain-based strategies to effectively teach students with language delays and students who are second language learners.

  • Assessment:
    Participants will join a collaborative backchannel chat to discuss brain-based teaching strategies to demonstrate their understanding of the session objective and reflect on their learning.


    Status: Available On-Demand
    Subject: Cross-curricular
    Last aired on: Wednesday, March 9, 2022 @ 3:00 PM EST
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Credit Hours: 0.5
    Categories: ESL/ELL, Special Education
    Tags: ELL, ESL, Special Education

    Reviews (37)

    Full Member
    Very good points. I would definitely use this information in the classroom.
    Full Member
    Overall some good points to integrate into literacy. But as a music teacher, I wish that the presenter would have:

    1. differentiated between "music" - organized sound (quote from Edgard Varèse, composer) - and "noise" - disorganized sound. For example, I am certain that when she selects background sounds for her classes that she does prefer "organized sound" (i.e., music ) to disorganized sound (i.e., pans falling on the floor, cars crashing, etc. :-).
    2. proofread slides. A number of the slides seemed to be compiled hurriedly in Part 1.

    Overall, I have learned a lot of helpful tips, and will definitely incorporate them into my music. lesson plans.
    Full Member
    I like to play music in the background. This is refreshing! Thank you.
    Thank you even more!
    Thank you!
    good ideas.
    more reviews ...