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At-Risk Students: What Do I Do Now?

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The term "at-risk" has come to be widely used to describe a vast array of many different types of student school and academic problems. "At-risk" has become as broad a category as "all tall people" or "all people with blue eyes": You haven't really identified your target very precisely. Without a clearly defined image of the problem, it's very difficult to choose the most targeted, effective way to help.

This webinar explains the four types of at-risk students, then delivers the best, ready-to-use interventions to turnaround each type of at-risk youngster. Once you have a clear image of why each at-risk student is struggling in school, you can easily choose the correct, targeted, most beneficial interventions. Updated, tailored interventions will be provided for each type of at-risk student, including those who face family issues, present serious discipline problems, are unmotivated, and distracted.

You will walk away from this webinar with:

  • An insight into four types of at-risk students
  • A better understanding of what the term "at-risk" means and why at-risk students are struggling
  • Ways to identify the type of at-risk student you are dealing with
  • Targeted, beneficial interventions you can use for each type of at-risk student right away


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 @ 1:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1
Categories: Classroom Management, Response to Intervention (RTI)
Tags: at risk, classroom management, motivation, Response to Intervention (RTI)

Reviews (26)

Full Member
Very long but very informative. Thanks for the ideas.
Full Member
Great tips - thanks for sharing!
Full Member
Very good webinar. Excellent ideas.
Full Member
This is totally why I wanted to go back to kindergarten. So many skills are missed and cause disruptions. Great ideas and supports to help overcome these missed but important skills
Basic Member
Super strategies and handouts!
Full Member
Thank you, this webinar was very useful!
Full Member
Great Info!
Basic Member
Very helpful information
Great help in reminding me that many students have challenges and to find out what is going on ! Great strategies...
Full Member
Thank your for so many great ideas to use with at-risk students.
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