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Publish Yourself and Your Students: Creating eBooks

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Have you ever wanted to publish your own work or your students' work? Why not try eBooks? They are simple to create, and they're a great way to publish and share content you have developed or to package and preserve student work. Join Dr. Vanessa Dennen as she shares ways in which eBook creation might be incorporated in the classroom discusses the path to eBook creation presents several eBook creation tools and demonstrates how easy it is to create an eBook. Distribution of eBooks also will be addressed.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 3:30 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Reading & Writing, Tools for Student Projects
Tags: communication, ebook distribution, eBooks, FSU1010, mobile learning, publishing, sharing student work

Reviews (7)

Basic Member
Excellent presentation! Would have enjoyed a tutorial of each of the three ebook builders mentioned by Vanessa. Most courses/webinars tend to focus on Mac/iPad platforms, more elaboration on PC/Windows would be greatly appreciated! :)
Full Member
Excellent presentation.
Basic Member
I learned so much here. Thanks for the well organized, informative sharing about ebook publishing.
Full Member
I am looking forward to create my first e-book with tips for helping content area teachers working with ELL students.
Full Member
Making an ebook had seemed so overwhelming until I watched this! So many helpful ways to organize material already in use.
Basic Member
I enjoyed the webinar on creating e-books. I especially like the idea for making an ebook of my class syllabus and information for each class to be packaged up. I haven't created e-books and think that I would like to try and appreciate the information given in this presentation. Thanks!
Basic Member
The presenter went through the proper order of how to develop an ebook. She also gave a few suggestions about what to do with ebooks, such as using it as a holder for all of her class articles, setting it up interactively for a class, or publishing your own textbook through it. However, she only focused on one ebook maker for ipads, while ignore the whole process of ebook publishing. the little bit I do know of ebook publishing makes it a lot harder than what she made it sound like. Also, she did not look at any of the effects of publishing an ebook to, say, itunes. Finally, her tool did not actually make it look that easy compared to what I have done with just pages. (In fact, Pages was easier, especially for the initial start.) I watched this webinar because I wanted to get ideas about how to use ebooks in my classroom and with my students but neither of those goals were accomplished through this presentation.
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