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Google Classroom: Engage and Motivate Students with Hyperdocs

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If you are using Google Classroom, you are likely aware of some of the awesome tools available within Classroom, including Google Docs, but are you leveraging them to their fullest potential? Would you like an easy, creative way to engage and motivate your students using Docs and Google Classroom? Join Deb Norton as she shows how you can create 21st century lessons that incorporate interactive Hyperdocs. Hyperdoc lessons contain links, tasks, media, and exploration that help inspire and motivate students. Deb will show how to create top-notch Hyperdocs that incorporate visually stimulating content, opportunities for applying knowledge, choice of learning activities, and innovative response opportunities


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: ICT
Last aired on: Saturday, September 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Google Classroom
Tags: engagement, Google, Google Classroom, Google Docs, hyperdocs, interactive, links

Reviews (12)

Full Member
Another great webinar by Deb Norton! She packs a heck of a lot of genuinely useful stuff into 30 minutes! As usual I got some ideas I'd not thought of that I'm sure I'll use!
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Thank you so much! This is great!
Full Member
This is something that I always wanted to learn. I am going to spring break! I will practice. You are awesome! I will go step by step. thanks.
Full Member
Very informative! Thank you!
Full Member
I thought the webinar was great I have always used hyperlinks in PowerPoint but haven't tried them in Google Presentation. I thought the presenter made it very easy to do thank you.
Very informative. I like the flexibility that Hyperdocs can give you. I also like that there are several places where you can get some of these for free to help get started. Then use as created or edit to meet your needs.
excellent and helpful
Full Member
Hi, Kerry! You can always check the links to the backchannel discussions (BunnyPads) for our on-demand webinar (listed above). This is where our presenters may choose to share any additional resources. In this case, Deb shared the link to her slides:
I thought this was really helpful! I need to go back and see how to access all of the links that were in the webinar. How do I do this?
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