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Google Classroom: Project Ideas and Classroom Suggestions for Using Google Docs

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If you tend to think of Google Docs as simply a free word processing tool, you are missing out on some great learning activities and ways to use it in your classroom. Awesome when used on its own, Docs is particularly useful when paired with Google Classroom. Docs can be used to share work, manage assignments, communicate information, create a variety of collaborative learning projects, and more. Join Google Certified Innovator Dr. Sarah Thomas as she examines features that will take Docs to the next level. In addition to sharing a number of ways in which you might use Docs in Google Classroom, Sarah will explore helpful features and provide suggestions that can make your job easier, such as voice typing, add-ons, and a trick to create shareable templates of your documents with colleagues or students.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: Cross-curricular
Last aired on: Monday, April 20, 2020 @ 4:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Google Intermediate
Tags: add ons, collaboration, communication, Google Docs, projects, sharing, templates, time-saving tools

Reviews (54)

Helpful! thanks
Full Member
Great information!
Full Member
I wish there had been more on Voice Typing. The presentation was good and reminded me about some of the things I had learned but not been using. Thank you.
Very helpful! Thanks!
Full Member
It was helpful. I did not realize there was a create a copy for all option.
Full Member
very nice presentation. thank you
Full Member
Super, thank you!! This will be useful moving forward!
nice, thank you
Sarah really bounced around from showing us how to do something very simple (create an assignment) and then went on to baffle us with slides of options and other resources that she uses, but she didn't tell us how to get them. I find that presenters who just want to show you what they've done are not good "teachers" for those who want to learn.
Full Member
Some nice info, but this felt less polished than many other webinars from SimpleK12. I wouldíve liked to see how the voice comment add-on worked, but because it hadnít been set up all she could do was tell us how awesome it is once you do the setup.

For people who want to have parents be able to see info about assignments without being in the class, check out Guardian emails- Google automatically sends an email around once a week with whatís happened in class or what is coming up. Theyíre amazingly helpful and super easy to set up, and you donít have to share the assignments with the parents.
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