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Using Google MyMaps to Teach Reading, Research Skills, and More!

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When you think about mapping, do you tend to think of it as an activity that is only done in social studies classes? Think again. Maps can be used to tell stories and students can tell stories with maps. In this session, Nikki D Robertson will explore how you can use Google MyMaps to teach nonfiction and fiction stories, as well as to develop research skills in a collaborative environment.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: ICT
Last aired on: Saturday, February 16, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Google Intermediate, Reading & Writing
Tags: collaboration, fiction, Google, maps, MyMaps, non-fiction, reading, research

Reviews (30)

Basic Member
Good information!
Full Member
I'm impressed with how much you covered in such a short time.
Basic Member
Good Job!!
This helped me see different ways I can use My Maps in the classroom.
Basic Member
How fun! I am going to try to make a map that shows our trip to visit our daughter!
Discover: let the students tell you what they found out and share with class.
Add layers for particular things or order that you want them to look.
Basic Member
Thank you!
Basic Member
Thank you!
I am doing to have to work with MyMaps. It looks very informative. Thank you.
Basic Member
Very interesting. Thank you.
Basic Member
Great idea to show sequence of events in a story through changes of setting, as well as many others!
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