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Formative Assessment Strategies and Tips for Early Childhood

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Assessment is frequently thought of as a measure of what students have learned. However, what if you could assess your students to measure what they COULD learn? In this webinar, join Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser as she introduces a variety of formative assessment methods that can be used in early childhood classrooms, including PreK and Kindergarten. After comparing and contrasting formative and summative assessment outcomes, Leigh Anne will provide an overview of strategies for formative assessment, such as observation, running records, pre-assessment, and reflection. In addition, she will share a list of skills that can be assessed using each of these techniques. While the strategies and examples given focus primarily on PreK and Kindergarten, many would be applicable to other early grade levels as well.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: Other
Last aired on: Saturday, April 6, 2019 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Assessment & Review , Early Learners, Learning Theories & Strategies
Tags: assessments, Early Childhood, Early Elementary, formative assessment, Kindergarten, Pre-K, PreK

Reviews (34)

I teach TK and this webinar made me realize I need to use running records more frequently with my students so that I can adjust my instruction to meet their needs.
Full Member
Thanks for the info.
Very informative!
This was my very first webinar on SimpleK12. I will be taking the training webinar session this evening. So, my journey on my own lead me to try this session. I did learn a few new bits of information but after listening I realized the age group was more for pre-k and k and I teach 2nd. Nothing lost, I was reminded of my college days and all the running records and anecdotal records I did to earn my Early childhood degree. Can't wait to continue on Simple K12.
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A lot of great ideas ,fantastic.Thanks
Full Member
Great info. Really helpful!
Full Member
Great information on formative and summative assessments and when to use them. It explains the differences and how to use them to help learning.
It was helpful and informative! Thank you!
Full Member
Thank you!
Basic Member
I loved this training! While I have heard lots about observing and some about assessment, the assessment part scares me a bit. But with this training I feel more confident that an assessment of a child does not have to happen in a few days. Observing and recording from the beginning of day one, will help make the formal assessment much easier. I am currently working in my Parent Aware rated licensed home daycare, but will soon transition to teaching preschool in an early learning center. The info from Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser will be very useful. Thank you.
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