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Getting Started With Makerspaces and STEAM

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STEM, STEAM, and Makerspaces are hot topics in education these days, but many educators are unsure how to get started with them, or think they don't apply if they don't teach math or science. Join Meredith Martin as she briefly covers the difference between the terms and talks about different types of spaces that can be utilized for classroom and school-wide Makerspaces. She will also explore some of the tools and supplies needed and provide examples of maker projects. You will discover not only how to get started with Makerspaces, but also how to tie makerspace activities in with standards, integrate them with various content areas, and so much more!


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: Cross-curricular
Last aired on: Saturday, August 11, 2018 @ 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: STEAM, Tools for Student Projects
Tags: fablabs, maker projects, makerspaces, STEAM, STEM, tinkering

Reviews (20)

Amazing content! Fabulous transitions!! Easily to follow and understand. Great tone and follow through with descriptive explanations. Nice overtone with areas highlighted for additional resources for "extra help" . Great ideas for additional work, creativity and student participation.
Full Member
Great ideas! Where can I find the list of materials you keep on hand from Dollar Tree? I hit the screenshot button to save it but cannot find it now.
Full Member
Thanks for a great webinar.
Full Member
This was a great kick off to the entire STEAM event todaythank you!
Full Member
Great ideas shared to move maker station from the media center to the whole educational community. Enlightening to say the least.
Full Member
Love all the ideas that I can incorporate in my small space!
Basic Member
It was a good start to my webinar. I want to learn more about STEAM.
Basic Member
Great info. Thanks!
Full Member
Wow! My mind is blown by this presentation! Meredith Martin obviously knows about and cares deeply about makerspaces in schools, but on top of that, she is an excellent speaker AND she has made her slides, filled with links to resources, available to webinar attendees and viewers through the bunnypad! I've already added that slide deck to my drive and I intend to go back through them and do a deep dive into some of the resources that are most pertinent to my needs and interests. Thank you so much for a great presentation!
Full Member
GREAT presentation! Lots of very useful, inexpensive ideas. I loved the one with the old computer and how the learners responded to the challenge!
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