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Five Simple Stress Relief Strategies for Educators

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Do you frequently feel stressed by the pressures of all that needs to be done at work, school, or home? Would you like to reduce that stress and empower yourself and your students? Decades of research shows that educators' sense of well-being increases job satisfaction and directly impacts student success. Join Susan Brooks-Young as she shares 5 simple, research-based strategies that lead to increased personal and professional well-being. She will offer an overview of these strategies, as well as easy-to-use implementation techniques, so you may begin making changes today!


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Last aired on: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 @ 3:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Classroom Management, Personal Enrichment, Workplace
Tags: reduce stress, relaxation, stress, stress relief, well being, well-being

Reviews (59)

I was surprised to hear that the fourth most stressful job was teaching. I enjoyed her organization into five focus areas and the activities related to each area that after only approximately three weeks will show decreased levels of stress. Excellent webinar!
Very good information. I must watch it again. Thank you.
This webinar is very informative and practical. Thank you for the tips.
Full Member
good information
Thanks, all great strategies for easing the load of everyday teaching.
Basic Member
Great tips, for suggestions that are easy to use!
Love the practical ideas!
Full Member
Practical ideas and easy to use. I feel that many of our staff could benefit from you suggestions.
Great information! This is honestly 5 steps that we should by daily not just in our classrooms...
I found the journaling aspect interesting...while being deployed in the military I did this daily and found it to be very therapeutic. As a teacher, this would provide some examples of what does and what doesn't work in the classroom.
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