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Understanding by Design Framework: An Intro

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The Understanding by Design (UbD) framework is a tool that you can use to ensure that learning activities and assessments are aligned with key learning outcomes. Sometimes referred to as backwards design, UbD can help you be more purposeful in your day-to-day and long-term planning. Join Dr. Jayme Linton as she provides an overview of the Understanding by Design framework and the benefits of using it as you plan your lessons. Discover how it can help you with curricular planning and alignment to focus instructional activities and promote better understanding. Although not required, you may also want to view the companion webinar, "Understanding by Design Framework: Planning Stages and Examples," which explains the stages of the design process and shares tips and examples for using it.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ 1:00 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Learning Theories & Strategies
Tags: backwards design, curriculum planning, learning outcomes, lesson planning, UbD, Understanding by Design framework

Reviews (12)

Nice work
Basic Member
Very informative
"Great things are not done by impulse, but by series of small things brought together."~
Vincent Van Gogh. Thank you Jamie, to advise to start small.
Full Member
Great job! Thank you for sharing.
Basic Member
"Starting small is good advice" was the phrase in the presentation that just took a HUGE LOAD off my back. Thanks Jayme! I will start small and work my way out.
Basic Member
Thank you
Basic Member
Great information!
Basic Member
Great presentation, Jayme! Always try to use UbD at every level!
Basic Member
Great introduction for design framework
Basic Member
Good introduction
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