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Create Interactive Maps Projects

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Come discover how you and your students can create interactive maps that will encourage student exploration, invite curiosity and promote spatial thinking. Join Susan Oxnevad as she shares how you can create and use these interactive map projects for a variety of grade levels and subjects. She will explain how these maps can be used to provide students with background knowledge to launch a unit, or as a starting point for digging deeper into any concept through research. Susan will also show how to publish and share completed student projects on top of an interactive map to help provide a big-picture overview of the learning going on in your classroom. Come get inspired to create interactive map projects and learn how useful they can be in teaching a variety of topics, across grade levels and content areas.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: ICT
Last aired on: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 @ 1:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Digital Media, Tools for Student Projects
Tags: exploration, interactive maps, spatial thinking, student projects

Reviews (10)

Full Member
Excellent presentation.
The interactive map projects are wonderful. Thank you, too bad that we lost the question and answer portion.
Basic Member
I love love love this for teaching SS history: battles, MAJOR events in time, also for LA a great way to do a prior knowledge activity to set up the setting of a novel.. historical fiction!! Best webinar.
Basic Member
Great ideas for using Thinglink. I just love this tool! Thanks!
Basic Member
Great tips about how students can use interactive maps in research and learning.
Basic Member
I appreciate all of the curricular connections Susan shows in this webinar.
Full Member
Enjoyed viewing the samples in this informational piece! I can see my students having great input while creating maps.
Basic Member
Great ideas and it showed how you could do this project. Thank you!
Full Member
Despite the few technical difficulties, this webinar provided a wealth of practical tech tools you can use daile with students. Great for project-based learning.
Full Member
This webinar was fabulous with information that can be implemented so quickly into the classroom with students! Thank you, Susan, for such an informative and fun webinar with new technology tools to use in the classroom using Google tools that I already use with the students. I can't wait to put this into practice with the 5th graders and their state projects as well as the 6th graders and their country reports. I can also use it with 3rd and 4th grade with Indian and California reports respectively. I am so glad that I joined this webinar today and can't wait for school to start in September to use it with the students! Thank you again, Susan! Incredible tool!
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