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Stories on the Go: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices

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Students enjoy listening to stories and creating their own stories. Storytelling encourages learners to use the knowledge they have learned and apply it to a context and setting in a creative way. Digital storytelling takes this learning to the next level. By sharing stories digitally, learners teach others about their culture, environment, or themselves. Mobile devices have several features that motivate young learners to create and share their stories digitally. In addition, they let students carry their stories with them and allow them to create stories whenever they are inspired. In this webinar, we will explain the various features and cover some free and very inexpensive applications that help learners create digital stories. We will also share examples of digital stories created with handheld devices.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: ICT
Last aired on: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Digital Storytelling, Mobile Learning Basics , Reading & Writing
Tags: apps, digital stories, Digital StoryTelling, Mobile Devices, Mobile Learning, online stories

Reviews (52)

Nice work
Basic Member
It was a very informative and interesting webinar. It is a very useful for me especially now when there is no other way is possible to assign the students any reading materials.
Full Member
great info on digital storytelling on mobile devices
Basic Member
Thanks for sharing digital storytelling applications for mobile devices. I will try for my students. It looks very easy to follow and fun.
Full Member
Great apps and information.
Basic Member
Thank you. There are definitely a few tools here I've never seen before. Very cool stuff. Thanks again.
Full Member
I love the chatterpix website that I will try out with my students. Thank you for sharing
Basic Member
The presenters talks about something that requires a lot of prior skills with working devices, the presenter suggests. Not all the students will be able to do this type of activities.
Basic Member
This is a wealth of information. Love this webinar.
Full Member
I think this is a great way for students to learn about different cultures and environments.
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