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Using Rigor and Relevance with Teens to Build Skills, Fight Apathy, and More!

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Do the following student complaints sound familiar? "Why are we doing this?" "This is so boring!" "I'll just copy the answers." Teaching adolescents can be a challenge because they are often struggling with issues related to apathy, self-esteem, and rebellion. However, by using highly relevant and rigorous material, teachers can chip away at those challenges and further build skills needed for college and careers. Join Shervette Miller-Payton as she introduces the Rigor and Relevance Framework and how it can be used when developing real-world projects, quick assignments, and authentic assessments for teens. She'll also discuss how to avoid pitfalls of rigor and interdisciplinary work, and how the framework can help decrease cheating plagiarism.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Learning Theories & Strategies
Tags: Rigor and Relevance Framework, secondary school, teens

Reviews (44)

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Awesome. Teaching high school requires a different set of skills. Thanks for the tips on how to prepare them for life.
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nice job
Nice work
Very nice job!
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Well done. I enjoyed mock model senate in remember in high school. It made an important impact on myself. We each had to learn the rules of presenting a bill. We gave presentations. My bill became a reality- it was a hot topic in middle 1990's...... TV warnings-so now shows have (M- Mature V- violence- L- Language) labels to warn watchers. I remember learning about how people can get de-sensitized to violence... at same time video games were becoming rated....and CD's ..too ... I live ATL so before I go......Go Falcons. Go Braves. Go Dawgs!
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Great information!
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Great Presentation!
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This was helpful and reinvigorating after a long school year. Thanks!
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