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Promote Student Ownership of Goals and Learning with Student-led Conferences

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How would you like your students to take ownership of their goals, their paths, and their learning? You can help them to accomplish this by doing student-led conferences. While it may sound scary to turn over ownership of this important time to students the results are in - student-led conferences promote ownership and lead to deeper learning conversations. In this webinar, join Pernille Ripp as she discusses why student-led conferences are beneficial and provides suggestions and tips for how to conduct them. Forms will be shared to help students prepare for them, and various modifications to their format will be discussed.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Friday, August 2, 2013 @ 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Addressing Learning Loss, Classroom Management, Counseling, Learning Theories & Strategies
Tags: DOL806, student conferences, student goals, Student led conferences, student ownership

Reviews (30)

Full Member
Good ideas
Ms. Rip presented some good ideas to have kids take ownership and responsibility for their learning and future goals by leading their own conferences. The forms she suggests should be helpful!
nice work
Nice work
Excellent information.
Good insights but I am not sure this will work in my context
Education Week Teacher had an informative article for, "Response: Students 'Take Ownership of Their Learning' Through Goal-Setting."
Basic Member
I have used student led conference for many years with my sixth grade students for our spring conference. Webinar gave me points to consider.
Basic Member
Great overview of student led conferencing.
Basic Member
I am all for student led conferencing. I am a special day class teacher for middle school students. As you probably know that involves individual education goals and it is very likely that each and every students has a different set of goals. At the beginning of the year I will be reminding each student of their goals and letting them know they will be helping me conference with their parents. This will more likely keep all concerned engaged and accountable. I love working WITH my students. Academics and academic functioning naturally improves, in most cases when students are involved in the learning journey. The forms and blog offered by Pernille will be a great help in full, as a touch stone, or as a springboard. Conferencing is an important skill in the work place, as well as school, so there is no better time for students to begin than now. Thank you Simplek12 and Pernille.
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