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Google Toolkit: An Overview of Google Tools

Google tools that can be used to collaborate, share, create, connect, and investigate!

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You may be familiar with free Google tools such as Google Search or Google Drive, but are you using them to their fullest potential? And are you aware of some lesser-known Google tools that can help you and your students collaborate, create, explore, communicate, and learn? This toolkit contains webinars that share strategies and show how you and your students can use a variety of free Google tools to collaborate, share, create, connect, and investigate. You will also discover tools and tips for creating time-saving quizzes and surveys, collecting data, communicating with parents, and building websites. Find out how to stay on track with Google Calendar, as well as how to use Google Groups or Google+ with your learners. Learn how to search more efficiently with Google Search, or see how easy it is to connect with students and parents while keeping your privacy with Google Voice. Learn about several Google tools that can take you and your students on virtual field trips and explorations. All of this and more!


Great resource.
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I like the tools presented here. I will be using this information with my students.
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Wonderful presentation, Hello PG county!
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Thank you :0
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very helpful
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Google tool kits! Great for us beginners and reviews from our webinars!:)
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Overall, this toolkit is fantastic! I have two suggestions: 1. Most important... a few of these sessions are 2-3 years old. Google has changed a lot in that time! On those, I feel uncertain that I received the best information. In my opinion and as an example, it's better to say you have 50 sessions on a topic that you know are up-to-date and useful than to say you have 150 sessions but there's 100 older ones. (I apologize for that lengthy, run-on sentence!) 2. When having the live webinars, the facilitator needs to keep in mind that when members are watching it on demand, they don't need to see the great membership deals or a lot about how to navigate the site. The facilitator needs to go to the slide with the back channel info on it and straight into the Q&A. I advocate for SK12 every chance I get! I just want it to be the best it can be! As for this Chromebooks Toolkit, it is a must see with a little updating here and there. When viewing, just check the date below the video!
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Very informational and I look forward to experimenting!!
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This is a very good review of the great tools available when using google!
Virtual field trips and the google voice texting is great!
more reviews ...