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Bullying Intervention Toolkit

Strategies, guidelines, and tips for recognizing and dealing with all types of bullying behaviors.

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Whether done face-to-face or "anonymously" online, bullying can have devastating and long-lasting effects on its victims, and it is essential that educators do all they can to identify and effectively deal with any instances of bullying. This toolkit contains webinars that will help teachers learn to recognize, defuse, and address different types of bullies and bullying behaviors. Discover suggestions and advice for dealing with online bullying and learn about resources you can use to help teach students what to do if they are cyberbullied and how they can avoid becoming cyberbullies themselves.


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Recognition and awareness can lead to prevention.
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The information was interesting.
Thank you!
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Very interesting information.
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Excellent Information!
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I appreciate the information.
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Thank you for the information.
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Excellent information!
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I learned so much!!! Great ideas and so helpful!
Thank you for all the advise.
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It was a good unit but it seems the presenters tended to present the same information a different way.
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