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SimpleK12 Koozie

Keep your hands warm, your drink cold, and your love of teaching obvious.

(None Available – Check back soon!)

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Do you ever wish you had a way to keep your hands warm, your drink cold, and show off your love of teaching?
Accomplish this wish with the SimpleK12 Can-Cooler. This foam sleeve insulates your drink and allows you to hold it without making your hands cold. It also displays the message, "Teaching creates all other professions" so everyone can see how you feel about your life-changing profession.


Would love to have this item. Hope it is restocked soon!
I redeemed my points with this item....but never received this item in the mail! So can my points be added that went with this item to my account, or will another one be sent out to replace this redeemed item for these redeemable points!
Full Member
I tried to redeem my points!.
Unfortunately. I got an auto-message that says ... City is invalid.
which is ( Fairfield, CA )!
not sure why is it not recognized !! .. please advise.
I will enjoy having this Can-Cooler to hold my cold drinks without getting my fingers and hands cold. I can hardly wait to receive it!
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Basic Member
Love this coozie, can't wait to receive it!
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Excited to use my new cozy cup holder.
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I think the product is a must have for teachers who enjoy coffee in the morning.
Love it! Thanks.
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