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Communicating with Parents Toolkit

Tips, tools, and suggestions for better parent-teacher communication.

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Good parent-teacher communication can be vital to a childís success in school. But good communication can be time-consuming, and finding just the right mode of communication can be tricky. This toolkit contains webinars that cover a variety of ways in which teachers can communicate with parents and caregivers. Discover how you can save time and stay connected with parents using a variety of digital tools, such as Google Voice and Google apps. You will learn strategies for communicating with them using newsletters, emails, websites, social media, and more.


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This was very informative and can easily be accessed by my site as well as students and parents. Thank you,
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I really enjoyed learning about all the different and exciting ways to keep in touch with my parents and students.
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Thank you!!
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Thank you!
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Love the ability to translate the newsletter, the templates, and the editor.
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Lots of great ideas!
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Great! Thanks!
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Excellent information!
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Great ideas and resources!
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