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Earn SK12 Points While You Learn!

Many of the activities you do in the Community can earn you SK12 Points that you can redeem for selected merchandise. Once you have earned enough SK12 Points, simply click an item below to begin redeeming it. Redeemable quantities on some items are limited.

You currently have 0 SK12 Points.


$5 Amazon Gift Card 15,000
$5 Dunkin Gift Card 15,000
$5 Starbucks Gift Card 15,000


$15 Amazon Gift Card 25,000
$15 Dunkin Gift Card 25,000
$15 Starbucks Gift Card 25,000


$35 Amazon Gift Card 50,000
$35 Dunkin Gift Card 50,000
$35 Starbucks Gift Card 50,000


$75 Amazon Gift Card 100,000
$75 Dunkin Gift Card 100,000
$75 Starbucks Gift Card 100,000