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SimpleK12 Frisbee

Perfect for playtime between webinars.


SimpleK12 is all about learning AND having a little fun, and getting playful is easier than ever with your very own "I Heart EdTech" Frisbee!

This high-quality Frisbee looks great propped up on your desk at home or at school, and is always ready for a game of catch.

Frisbee is 9 inches in diameter.

Reviews (4)

Basic Member
Received mine yesterday, just as it looks in the picture. Awesome, going to use it all summer long to show off my SimpleK12 support.
Full Member
I just received mine today! I can't wait to show it off at school!
Basic Member
I am excited about getting this frisbee. Now, I have another way to share about SimpleK12 and get some exercise at the same time. Thanks so much.
Full Member
Getting ready for the summer!
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