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Reviews (124)

Basic Member
I just attended this past Saturday's webinars. I was only able to catch the very last one. I was confused by the time difference. How do I gain access to my certificate that I attended that specific one? Please help me gain access to it, please I have looked all over this website, and I can't find it. I know the person at the end said it would take up to 48 hours for me to gain access to it. Thank you for your Help.
God Bless Melissa Howe
Is there an app for Iphone or Ipad?
Full Member
I love the on-demand webinars, as well as the fact that so much is covered in such a short period of time (30 minutes). It enables me to learn more about a topic while earning professional development hours. It is also fantastic that what I have put into professional development is documented for me - BIG time saver!
Full Member
I love the capability to access PD on my time.
Full Member
The program is quite effective in providing a plethora of resources that give the tools needed for teachers with various levels of experience to become comfortable in the use of technology. I am amazed at the wealth of information and hands on lessons that are available. Now I am proud to be a member!!
Thank you!!
Basic Member
I purchased A full membership, but it won't let me register for certain things it says i don't have one?
Basic Member
It awesome. This has been one of my favorite online professional learning sites and I love the webinars and other resources.
I am learning a lot through Simple K12 and I like the ability to interact and train during the times that are convenient for my schedule. I just wish it was more reasonably priced. . . .
Basic Member
I really like simple K12, I just hate the fact that since im not buying the membership I cant download my certificate! I watched the webinar because I need the PD, I cant afford $400 for a membership... I wish that would change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Basic Member
This has been one of my favorite online professional learning sites. Even in the short time the webinars are done, I feel confident that I can duplicate them immediately in my classroom.
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