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Christine Romano Teacher, Blogger, Author New Jersey
Courtney Teague Teacher/Instructor Georgia
Lauren Boucher Instructional Technology Specialist, Blogger North Carolina
Michelle Dragalin Teacher / Instructor Colorado
Samantha Fecich Assistant Professor, Instructional Technologist Pennsylvania
Naomi Harm CEO and Founder of IEC Network California
Shelly Sanchez Terrell eLearning Specialist, Author, Speaker Texas
Matt Bergman Educator, Speaker, Blogger Pennsylvania
Melissa Mann Teacher / Instructor Alabama
Deb Norton Technology Integration Specialist and EdTech Consultant Wisconsin
Ryan Jeffery Behavior Intervention Strategist and Consultant Virginia
Reba Gordon Matthews Education Consultant, Speaker Texas
Tamara Hill Licensed Child and Adolescent Therapist Pennsylvania
Jayme Linton Asst. Prof Online Teaching & Instructional Design North Carolina
Kim Munoz Instructional Technologist Texas
John Roche Technology Director/Coordinator New Jersey
Susan Brooks-Young Educational Trainer / Former Principal and Teacher Washington
Michelle Cheasty Teacher/Instructor West Virginia
Elizabeth Jakubowski Associate Professor Florida
Eva Harvell Director of Information Systems Mississippi
Tiffany Thompson Instructional Technology Specialist and Trainer Maryland
Rob Furman Principal, Author, Speaker Pennsylvania
Lisa Greathouse Harding SimpleK12 Expert Florida
Matthew Farber Assistant Professor, Blogger, Author Colorado
Valerie Lewis Lead Teacher / Teacherpreneur Georgia
Sarah Thomas Regional Technology Coordinator Virginia
Jenna Linskens Educational Technology Integration Consultant Wisconsin
Dawn Berkeley Teacher / Instructor Washington
Angela McCord Instructional Coach
Tia Simmons Instructional Technology Coordinator Maryland
Monica Burns EdTech & Curriculum Consultant New York
Jerry Swiatek Technology Integration Specialist Florida
Susan Oxnevad Instructional Technology Coach, Blogger Illinois
Chris Casal Teacher, Technology Coordinator New York
Justin Schleider Teacher and Blogger New Jersey
Paula Naugle Teacher / Instructor, Technology Integration Specialist Louisiana
Steven Anderson Educator, Speaker, Blogger North Carolina
Lisa Johnson Educational Technologist, Author, Speaker Texas
Beth Ritter-Guth Director of Instructional Design New Jersey
Lori Merfogel District Strategy Consultant Florida
Beth Lawrence MA, CCC-SLP, CEO, InferCabulary, Inc. Maryland
Howie DiBlasi Technology Consultant, 21st Century Learning Specialist Texas
Letia Cooper Instructional Technology Specialist South Carolina
Susan Bearden Director of Information Technology Florida
Valerie Verhunce Instructional Technology Specialist Wisconsin
Amber Rowland Assistant Research Professor Kansas
Will Deyamport III, Ed.D. Instructional Technologist Mississippi
Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser Staff Development Director/Coordinator Pennsylvania
Darren Coon Chief Geek New York
Nikki D Robertson Project Coordinator of Digital Learning Texas
Megan Fuciarelli Director and Principal Consultant of US2, Inc. Michigan
Lori Squiers Instructional Technologist Texas
Andrea Tolley Microsoft Imagine Academy Educator Tennessee
Taylor Haun Soundtrap Education Specialist New York
Audrey O'Clair Soundtrap Education Specialist New York
Jason Carroll Global Product Manager Kentucky
Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles Assistive Technology Consultant, Speaker, Blogger Maine
Jason Innes Director of Curriculum Development and Training Massachusetts
Alicia Johal Teacher California
Linda Mudgett Director of Curriculum and Instruction Texas
Carol Grosshans Vice President of Education Florida
Tanya Avrith Director of Educational Technology Florida
Anna Baldwin Director eLearning and Integration South Carolina
TIFFANY OSBORNE Associate Principal South Carolina
Charles Fisher Executive Director California
Nicholas Provenzano Teacher / Instructor Michigan
Will Eaton Former Teacher and 3D Printing Enthusiast Massachusetts
Meredith Martin Technology Integration Specialist New Jersey
Brenda Ubben Instructional Technologist Kansas
Mark Putney Teacher New York
Luis Perez ISTE Inclusive Learning Network Professional Learning Chair Florida
John McGowan Creator of g(Math) and Product Manager at Texthelp
Christina Samek Outreach Specialist Ohio
Catlin Tucker Education Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Author California
Davenia Lea Director of Early Childhood Education Maryland
Shervette Miller-Payton Assistant Principal Georgia
Jonathan Martin Consultant and Former Principal Arizona
Angelica Underwood Special Education Director Texas
Brad Currie Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation New Jersey
Matthew Pomeroy Teacher Wisconsin
Jane Lofton Teacher Librarian “In the Wild” California
Todd Beard Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow Washington
Dorothy A. Osterholt Associate Professor of Education Vermont
Sophie Lampard Dennis Associate Professor of Education Vermont
Robyn Hrivnatz Microsoft Educator Washington
Sam Gliksman Education Consultant, Speaker, Author California
Steve Moore Fundraising Manager North Carolina
Jacqueline Novak Manager of Curriculum and Professional Learning
Helen Gooch Microsoft Educator Tennessee
Katie Ann Wilson Teacher Kansas
Darcy Grimes Digital Lead Teacher North Carolina
Lyn Hilt Instructional Tech Integrator/Coach Pennsylvania
Suzy Lolley Instructional Technology Specialist Georgia
Joseph Sanfelippo Superintendent Wisconsin
Lisa Simmons Microsoft Fellow
Melissa Wrenchey Teacher Washington
Neal Manegold Teacher / Instructor Washington
Jacqueline Russell Marketing Manager Washington
Douglas Kiang Teacher, Speaker, Presenter Hawaii
Bron Stuckey Educational Technologist Sydney
Melissa Edwards Teacher, Gifted Specialist, Instructional Technologist, Blogger North Carolina
Heather Baptie Literacy Consultant and Speaker British Columbia
Terry Dobson Literacy Consultant and Speaker British Columbia
Vicki Caruana Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator Colorado
Avi Spector Education Consultant Quebec
Pernille Ripp Teacher and Author Wisconsin
Eric Herzog Senior Marketing Manager Washington
Carol Nelson Instructional Technologist Kansas
Mike Tholfsen Product Manager for Microsoft Washington
Amanda Sullivan Manager of Teacher Training Massachusetts
Shannon Miller Teacher Librarian & Technology Integration Specialist Colorado
Tammy Dunbar Teacher and Blogger California
Andrew Fitzgerald Teacher and MIE Expert California
Lori Maldonado SimpleK12 Community Manager Florida
Jerry Blumengarten Cybrarian Florida
Josh Davis Instructional Technology Coach California
David Faure Teacher / Instructor Toulouse
Kimber W. Thompson SimpleK12 Community Manager Florida
Katie Thompson STEM School Improvement Specialist Georgia
Shannon Blankenship Senior Manager of US Education and Marketing Programs Washington
Angela Maiers Speaker, Author, Educator Iowa
John Sessler Manager of Program Engagement Washington
Kristen Brooks Teacher / Instructor Georgia
Tim Richardson Marketing Specialist Washington
Aaron Maurer Instructional Coach Iowa
Brent Maguire Internet Safety Consultant, Professor, Speaker Illinois
Richard Byrne Teacher, Speaker, Writer Maine
Becky Keene Educational Technology Consultant, One to One Program Specialist Washington
Chelsey Feldman Microsoft Educator Washington
Tim Nielsen Elementary Educator and Consultant Wisconsin
Steve Stewart Product Coach Missouri
Jennifer Mitchell Instructional Technology Specialist Texas
Shindy Skaar Microsoft Educator Washington
Sonja Delafosse Microsoft Senior Partners-in-Learning Manager Washington
Sheryl Harmer Social-Emotional Learning Strategist Washington
Paul LeBuffe Director, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Pennsylvania
David Lopez Microsoft Educator Florida
Kyle Calderwood Technology Coordinator, Microsoft Innovative Educator New Jersey
Mark Roerick Chiropractor Minnesota
Michael Braun Technology Teacher, Speaker Washington
Tami Echard Supervisor of Instructional Development Georgia
Keith Ingram Principal Georgia
Sara Torpey Manager, Curriculum Specialist Pennsylvania
Chris Hull Teacher, Co-founder of Otus Illinois
Kimberly Cales i-Safe Director of Digital Instruction California
Sharon Baillie Teacher / Instructor Pennsylvania
Courtney Pepe Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Blogger New Jersey
Matt Gordon Teacher / Instructor Nebraska
Michelle Anthony Teacher / Instructor Colorado
William Ferriter Teacher, Author, Consultant North Carolina
Shirley Farrell Instructional Technologist, Gifted Education Specialist Alabama
Tim Hudson VP of Learning at DreamBox, Author, Speaker Washington
Kristen Mcclure Psychotherapist North Carolina
John Basilice Counselor North Carolina
Kyle Pace Instructional Technology Specialist Missouri
Karen Quinn Co-founder of, Author California
Lisa Dabbs Education Consultant, Author, Speaker, Blogger California
Darren Barkett Assistant Principal North Carolina
Bobbi Capwell Retired Educator and Technologist Texas
Rhonda Jenkins Library/Media Center Director Illinois
Brandon Morton Technology Integration Specialist Iowa
Jose Popoff Teacher La Lima, Cortés
Connie Hebert National Literacy Consultant, Author Massachusetts
Erin Klein Teacher, Blogger, Author Michigan
Jennifer Verschoor Technology Consultant Buenos Aires
Grace Dunlap Teacher / Instructor Florida
Tamara Cox Instructional Technologist South Carolina
Erik Palmer Consultant and Author Colorado
Josh Allen Technology Integration Specialist Nebraska
Shelbie Witte Assistant Professor Florida
Kim Kelling Director of Content and Community Engagement Florida
Tasha Weinstein Educational Outreach Manager Florida
Heather Robison Teacher Pennsylvania
Diane Wood Teacher / Therapist Texas
Kevin Adkisson Assistant Principal Florida
Joe Mazza Lead Digital Strategist, Former Teacher and Principal Pennsylvania
Linda O'Reilly SimpleK12 Vice President of Finance Florida
Lauren Stafford Vice President of Research and Instructional Design Texas
Brian Bennett Teacher / Instructor Indiana
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Education Consultant, Speaker Virginia
Howard Rheingold Writer and Lecturer California
Amy Morales Educator Florida
Kevin Honeycutt Technology Integrationist, Author, Speaker Kansas
Cory Plough Online Instructor Nevada