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Valerie Lewis

Valerie Lewis is dedicated to the transformation of learning through engaging and creative activities for all students. Todayís classroom has not varied much from classrooms 100 years ago! We are still behind many other countries, and we should be leading the way and preparing our students to compete on a global scale. Lessons should be student-centered and not mainly based upon the teacherís interest. Valerie understands that best results will come when students and teachers work as a team, and she believes that learning must be personalized for the teacher and student alike. The formula should always be one size! Her mission is to show that learning is a daring lifelong journey but ultimately… transforms.

Valerie graduated with a Bachelorís in Elementary Education from Oakwood University and a Masterís in Special Education from Howard University. She currently resides and teaches High School Language Arts in Georgia. She is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful souls.

Some of Valerie's Webinars