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Mariel Gomez de la Torre-Cerfontaine

Mariel Gómez de la Torre-Cerfontaine currently teaches at Summit K-8 Virtual Academy for Rowan Salisbury Schools in Salisbury, North Carolina. She has over 30 years’ experience teaching English as Second Language (ESL) and holds a master’s degree as a reading specialist from North Carolina A&T University. Mariel has experience speaking at national conferences in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oregon, as well as internationally in Oman, Turkey, Argentina, and Peru. She was awarded Technology of the Year, the North Carolina Service Award for Carolina TESOL, and received recognition from North Carolina A&T University for her excellence and dedication to equity, access, and advocacy. Mariel is also credited with designing a literacy model to help multilingual learners that was featured in the book “Digital-Age Teaching for English Learners” written by Andrea Honigsfeld, Heather Rubin, and Lisa Estrada.

Some of Mariel's Webinars