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John Basilice

John Basilice is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed School Counselor who has worked with children and families in a variety of settings. John currently serves as Family Education and Community Involvement Coordinator for Cabarrus County Schools. His duties include providing services through the McKinney-Vento act and the development (and delivery) of parent and family education programs and activities that encourage academic success, promote safe and healthy students, and engage students with special needs. John previously worked as a Permanency Planning Social Worker for Mecklenburg County's Department of Services, where he worked with abused and neglected children. He has also served as a facilitator for the Mecklenburg County NOVA Program, addressing the needs of men convicted of abusing their partners.

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Q & A with John Basilice

If you weren't in education, what do you think you'd be doing and why?

If I weren't in education, I would like to write TV shows or practice medicine. Or maybe I could do both!

When you were a kid, you wanted to be a ______? Why?

I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. It is weird and esoteric, but I was always fascinated by the brain.

What's your idea of happiness?

Happiness is looking around and my kids and wife are all together and everyone has a few minutes with no problems, no drama and are content with where they are in that moment.

Twitter changed my life because:

Twitter changed my live because I can now read interesting articles in the New York Times and the Onion in close succession and have to level up my ability to filter the reality from the parody.

What are your favorite books and authors?

I enjoy anything written by Chuck Paluhniak and the short stories of John Updike. Also, loved "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" because it blended fiction and reality very well.

The teacher who had the biggest impact on me and why:

George Mitchell was my high school English and Philosophy teacher. He changed my life because he taught me how to think and exposed me to the work of Ayn Rand, Victor Hugo, Sophocles,... and too many to count.

If you were dictator and had total control, tomorrow education would:

As dictator or education I would be sure to include solid instruction in social emotional wellness as well as great academics.

If you could live anywhere other than where you are, it would be:

It would likely be the Planet Caladan from Frank Herbert's Dune books. What's not to love about an ocean world with meadows and forests?

The biggest problem with K-12 education is:

Hmmm... pass on this one...

Do you have a motto you live by?

I stole my motto from robert Browning, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?"

I've always wanted to visit:

I've always wanted to visit Seattle.

What are your most treasured possessions?

My wedding ring and the cross I wear around my neck; they remind me of what I need to keep in the center of my life, my family, my faith, and service to others.

If you never had to worry about making money, what would you do?

Go to medical school, learn how to be a great practitioner and cure a major disease.

What kind of kid were you in high school?

I was a pretty ambivalent kid in high school. I loved heavy metal, enjoyed reading challenging books, was too lazy to master calculus, worked hard at a job but really didn't act like I had a plan.

What's the best piece of advice someone ever gave you?

Once I was going through a very tough time and became very self critical and a friend said, "Love yourself like you would one of your children."