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VIEW - Imaging and Multimedia


Contains the training and testing for a variety of imaging and multimedia applications.


Subject: General
Categories: Desktop Applications, Digital Media


  • VIEW - Imaging and Multimedia
COURSE - Audacity
This course introduces Audacity, which is free, open-source audio recording and editing software.more... This course explores how to use Audacity to record live audio, add multiple tracks to an audio file, add effects, edit audio tracks, and export an Audacity project to a WAV file. It also covers MP3s and discusses what is needed to create MP3s from audio files. 
COURSE - Flickr
This course provides a general overview of the functions available on Flickr, an online photo sharing and management tool.more... It discusses how to navigate and search for photos within Flickr. The course also examines how to use some of the organizational features in Flickr, such as searchable tags and Creative Commons licenses. In addition, the course covers how to post, share, and download photos using Flickr. 
COURSE - Movie Maker
This course explores MovieMaker and shows how to add video and photos to a new project, It also shows how to add text such as titles, captions, and credits; as well as how to include animations, effects, panning, and zooming.more... The course also explores how to add visual effects and sound to a movie. In addition, it demonstrates how to fine tune a movie using editing tools to adjust timings and split and trim the video. Finally, it discusses how to save and share a movie using YouTube. 
COURSE - Photoshop Elements 8
This course discusses how to use many of the basic features of Photoshop Elements 8, starting with how to crop and sharpen an image.more... It also explores how you can use the Quick and Guided Edit modes to save time and effort. The course examines the Red Eye Reduction tool, Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp tool, and shows how they can be used to correct flaws in an image. In addition the course demonstrates how to to use the Brush and Pencil tools to paint or draw an image, as well as how to fill areas with the Paint Bucket tool and how to use the Eraser tool. It covers how to select parts of a photo and how to create a photo book. or slide show. Finally it discusses how to share and publish your photos. 
This course covers some basic features and elements of Picasa 3, which allows you to share images.more... It explains how to manage folders and import images into Picasa. It also discusses how to reduce the file size of images, as well as how to crop them. It explores how to edit images by using the three areas of Picasa editing: Basic Fixes, Tuning, and Effects. Finally, it discusses using image tags, including facial recognition tagging and geotagging. 

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