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VIEW - Google Tools - OUTDATED

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This contains the training and testing for a variety of Google docs and tools.


Subject: Google Docs


  • VIEW - Google Tools - OUTDATED
COURSE - Sharing with Google Docs - OUTDATED
This course introduces the different applications available in Google Docs.more... It then teaches about the sharing and collaboration features available. 
COURSE - Creating Google Documents - OUTDATED
This course gives basic instruction on Google Documents.more... It teaches how to enter text and change fonts, how to apply paragraph styles, the basics of tables, and how to insert images into documents you create. 
COURSE - Working with Google Forms - OUTDATED
This course goes over the basics of Google Forms.more... It shows how to create a form, e-mail it to recipients, and collect and view data from the entries received. 
COURSE - Creating Google Presentations - OUTDATED
This course teaches the basics of Google Presentations.more... It shows how to insert a slide and choose a predefined layout, how to add and edit text, the different ways multimedia images and video can be added, and how to change the theme or background of your presentation. 
COURSE - Working with Google Spreadsheets - OUTDATED
This course goes over some basics of Google Spreadsheets.more... It talks about how to enter cell data, how to perform calculations on data, and how to graphically show results in a line chart. 
COURSE - Creating Google Drawings - OUTDATED
This course teaches the basics of using Google Drawings.more... It discusses the different line options and how to add, move, and recolor them. The course then explains how to use and format autoshapes. Next, the course discusses the different ways text can be added to a drawing. Finally, it discusses how to insert images to enhance a drawing. 
COURSE - Google Earth - OUTDATED
This explores the basics of Google Earth, including how to download the Google Earth plug-in.more... It covers the features of Google Earth, such as zooming, moving, and looking, and discusses options such as viewing photos, videos, and Wikipedia entries associated with a location. 
COURSE - Google Sites - OUTDATED
This course describes how to use Google Sites to create a Web site.more... It discusses basic navigation and features, and then details how to create a site from a template, how to edit the site, and how to share it with others. 
This course covers some basic features and elements of Picasa 3, which allows you to share images.more... It explains how to manage folders and import images into Picasa. It also discusses how to reduce the file size of images, as well as how to crop them. It explores how to edit images by using the three areas of Picasa editing: Basic Fixes, Tuning, and Effects. Finally, it discusses using image tags, including facial recognition tagging and geotagging. 
This course introduces Blogger and teaches some basic skills to help you use Blogger.more... It discusses how to set up a blog and publish posts that can be shared. It covers how to navigate Blogger and how to customize your blog by rearranging page elements. This course also teaches how to control the blogís content to provide a secure and safe communication environment. 

Reviews (8)

Full Member
Google Docs was a good review for me. I went to Google Academy workshop a few weeks ago. This helped to reminder and provide a good reminder of common website for use.
Full Member
This gave me a really good review of the google docs. I thought I knew what I was doing but it still took me 3 tries to get a 100 on the test.
Basic Member
Really interesting, I like it.
Basic Member
Seemed like a good introduction for someone with no experience like me.
Basic Member
Easy to follow.
Basic Member
good introduction to drawing.
Basic Member
Good step by step guidance.
Basic Member
Very helpful
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