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RSS Feeds

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This contains courses and lessons dealing with using RSS feeds in the classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools


  • RSS Feeds
COURSE - Introducing RSS Feeds
This course provides an overview of what RSS feeds are and their benefits in classroom instruction.more... It discusses vocabulary you'll need to know, safety and security issues surrounding the use of RSS feeds in the education environment, and the types of RSS feeds you'll encounter. It also gives some tips on how to successfully incorporate RSS feeds in your lesson plans. 
COURSE - Integrating RSS Feeds in the Classroom
This course explores the use of RSS feeds in classrooms.more... It provides real-world examples for teachers to use in their efforts to incorporate RSS feeds. It discusses using RSS feeds during collaborative assignments and to engage parents. It also covers specific examples of RSS feed uses geared toward teachers of elementary students, as well as those in secondary education subjects, such as English, math, science, social studies, and fine arts. 
COURSE - Using Google Reader
This course examines Google Reader as a tool for managing Web content such as blogs and news feeds.more... It discusses the purpose of a reading list for subscribing to content and various tools for organizing that material, such as labels, stars, folders and tags. Additionally, this course explains how to download and install Google Gears for accessing material offline, and sharing relevant content with others through e-mail, shared items, and public pages. 

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