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Using Online Resources and References

Covers how you can safely and legally use some of the information found on the Internet.


This course covers how you can safely and legally use some of the information found on the Internet. It covers plagiarism and the importance of citing any references and provides tips on teaching teens about avoiding unintentional plagiarism. It explains copyrights and the importance of not using copyrighted material without permission. The subject area also discusses paper mills and why using them is unethical and possibly illegal.


Subject: Internet Safety
Categories: Digital Citizenship
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • Using Online Resources and References
Help Children Avoid Plagiarism
Defines what plagiarism is.more...
Discusses possible consequences of plagiarism.
Provides guidelines for properly citing resources.
Gives suggestions for developing good research and writing skills.
Offers ways to avoid plagiarism. 
Learn About Illegal vs. Unethical Research Methods
Discusses the use of Web sites called paper mills that offer research-paper writing services.more...
Explains unethical and illegal research methods.
Describes how to encourage responsible use of the Internet in research.
Teaches how to help teens avoid academic fraud.
Discusses how to detect plagiarism. 
Understand Copyright Laws
Discusses the U.more...S. Copyright Act and certain exclusive rights granted to owners of a copyright.
Explains steps to take to ensure the lawful use of copyrighted material.
Provides information on Creative Commons licenses and how a copyright owner can change copyright terms.
Describes public domain and fair use. 
Personal Action Plan for Using Online Resources and References
While completing lessons in this course, you will be prompted to answer essay questions that will aid in creating your Personal Action Plan. more... The answers you provide will appear in your Personal Action Plan, so be sure you respond as thoroughly as possible. Your Personal Action Plan will not appear until you have answered at least one of the essay questions.

Reviews (10)

Basic Member
excellent information
Basic Member
The information about the copyright laws was very informative. I will be researching common use and fair use resources.
I learned the most from this section. Creative commons is a new term that I plan to research more about.
Basic Member
The section on public domain was the most beneficial to me.
Basic Member
Very informative on copyright laws.
Basic Member
Extremely useful material. Copyright is such a misunderstood area that teachers have to comply with.
Basic Member
Very Worthy material.
Basic Member
Basic Member
I noticed that if you go back to a presentation to review it, it reverts to incomplete if you do not proceed through the entire session once again.
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