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Avoiding Download Dangers

Discusses issues that can be run into when downloading over the Internet or peer-to-peer networks.


This subject area discusses some of the issues that teens can run into when downloading over the Internet or via peer-to-peer networks. It explains that downloading files can sometimes lead to viruses and other malware, and mentions steps to take to minimize the chance of being infected with one of these. It covers safe downloading practices, as well as some of the ethical and legal issues of sharing certain files.


Subject: Internet Safety
Categories: Digital Citizenship, School Safety, Workplace
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • Avoiding Download Dangers
Use Download Sites with Caution
Discusses teaching kids safe practices when downloading files from the Internet.more...
Provides examples of trusted sites where kids can download files.
Discusses different types of software and the risks to kids that are associated with each.
Examines helping kids know how to avoid downloading malware. 
Protect Children from Dangers of Peer-to-Peer Networking
Discusses risks associated with file sharing through peer-to-peer networks.more...
Provides information on issues involving privacy protection and data security and how both can be compromised when sharing files.
Provides information on how files downloaded from peer-to-peer networks can contain illegal, harmful, or inappropriate content. 
Avoid Coming in Contact with Viruses, Adware, and other Malware
Defines what malware is and discusses the different types, such as trojans, viruses, spyware, and adware.more...
Provides information on the various ways that malware is downloaded onto a computer.
Discusses software programs to help prevent malware from infecting computers as well as programs that remove malware once it has been downloaded. 
Learn About Illegal vs. Unethical Downloading
Discusses legal and ethical issues involving downloads of music, videos, and other media.more...
Provides information about "cyber ethics" and "virtual morality."
Examines various laws regarding downloading media, including music downloads and piracy. 
Personal Action Plan for Avoiding Download Dangers
While completing lessons in this course, you will be prompted to answer essay questions that will aid in creating your Personal Action Plan. more... The answers you provide will appear in your Personal Action Plan, so be sure you respond as thoroughly as possible. Your Personal Action Plan will not appear until you have answered at least one of the essay questions.

Reviews (9)

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Basic Member
interesting information, at times redundant. But over all good to know.
Basic Member
Until someone they know actually gets caught on P2P downloading, it won't stop them. Their thinking is... I am just a small fish in the ocean....them actually coming for me is slim to none.
Basic Member
Enjoyed this sequence and re-enforced my attitude to downloading.
Basic Member
I would like to have a list of the websites given to print at the end of each lesson. Many times I try to copy them down and get booted off the site while doing so.
Basic Member
Great information. Teachers need to know the difference between unethical and illegal when in comes to downlading resources. This is great information for teachers to share with their students to help their students make better choices.
Basic Member
I think trying to scare kids with the idea that they might be fined for an illegal download is silly I am sure most kids know that it is unlikely they will face any consequencesunlike shoplifting at Walmart. Kids need to understand the ethics of illegal downloadsindependent of any consequences.
Basic Member
Basic Member
very informative
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