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COURSE - Developing Your Resume


This course introduces you to the process of creating a résumé, a document you will have and update for the rest of your life. Geared primarily to students and first-time job seekers, the course covers the purpose of a résumé and different ways in which a résumé can be organized. It discusses how to clearly present your experience, skills, and education to help you get the job you want. It also explores other items that can help make the best impression during your job search, including cover letters, references, portfolios, and thank-you letters.


Subject: Basic Life Skills
Categories: Business Education, Personal Enrichment
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • COURSE - Developing Your Resume
What is a resume?
Introduces you to the purpose of a résumé.more...
Explores how résumés are used.
Details why you should create a résumé. 
How should I organize my resume?
Explores the type of information that is included in a résumé.more...
Examines the differences between chronological and functional résumés.
Explores résumé layout guidelines, including font choice and template use.
Introduces guidelines for organizing your résumé. 
How should I introduce myself?
Presents advice about including Contact Information.more...
Provides guidelines for writing Objective Statements.
Explores whether or not to include a Summary, as well as how to write one. 
How should I present my experience?
Covers methods of documenting your work experience.more...
Explores whether or not to include activities and hobbies within your work experience, as well as how to add them. 
How should I present my skills?
Covers the concepts of soft skills and hard skills.more...
Explores guidelines for identifying and presenting your skills.
Examines how to include your skills within your résumé. 
How should I present my education?
Explores how to include academic information within your résumé.more...
Discusses how to document your GPA, honors, co-ops, internships, vocational programs, certifications, and licenses.
Examines when to include your related coursework. 
What else can I do to get an interview?
Examines what to do once you have completed your résumé.more...
Explores other documents that you can use to support a résumé: cover letters, references, portfolios, and thank-you letters.
Discusses methods to post your résumé and manage your image online. 
Test - Developing Your Resume
This test assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Developing Your Resume course.more... 
Personal Action Plan for COURSE - Developing Your Resume
While completing lessons in this course, you will be prompted to answer essay questions that will aid in creating your Personal Action Plan. more... The answers you provide will appear in your Personal Action Plan, so be sure you respond as thoroughly as possible. Your Personal Action Plan will not appear until you have answered at least one of the essay questions.

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This was a good refresher.
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Thanks. Good information for someone first starting out.
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