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Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA

Contains a discussion of bloodborne pathogens and MRSA and how to improve safety in the workplace.


This course examines bloodborne pathogens and MRSA. Students will gain an understanding of pathogens and will explore some of the common bloodborne pathogens. There will be discussion of Exposure Control plans and Personal Protective Equipment. Students will learn about the chain of infection, as well as how to improve safety in the workplace. Finally, students will gain an understanding of MRSA.


Subject: SimpleSchoolSafety
Categories: School Safety, Workplace
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA
Examine This Course
Introduces the bloodborne pathogens and MRSA course.more...
Explores the objectives of the course. 
Understand Bloodborne Pathogens
Explains what a bloodborne pathogen is.more...
Explores how bloodborne pathogens are spread.
Discusses other potentially infectious materials.
Looks at how to properly dispose of sharp objects. 
Explore Common Bloodborne Pathogens
Takes an in depth look at the bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.more...
Looks at how pathogens are transmitted.
Examines some ways to avoid being infected. 
Look at Exposure Control Plans
Discusses OSHA's regulations concerning bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.more...
Explains the four areas of an Exposure Control Plan.
Looks at the use of personal protective equipment. 
Examine the Chain of Infection
Discusses how diseases are passed from one person to another.more...
Explains how to stop the spread of disease through safe work practices.
Provides examples of infection chains. 
Improve Safety in the Workplace
Examines how to prevent the transmission of diseases.more...
Discusses handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers.
Looks at other ways to break the chain of infection by following the Exposure Control Plan. 
Understand and Deal with MRSA
Defines and explains MRSA.more...
Looks at how MRSA is transmitted.
Examines ways to help prevent the spread of MRSA. 
Quiz - Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA
This quiz assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA course.more... 
Feedback - Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA
This survey contains six brief questions pertaining to your educational role and computer experience, as well as to how you would rate your knowledge of this subject before and after this course.more... 
Personal Action Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA
While completing lessons in this course, you will be prompted to answer essay questions that will aid in creating your Personal Action Plan. more... The answers you provide will appear in your Personal Action Plan, so be sure you respond as thoroughly as possible. Your Personal Action Plan will not appear until you have answered at least one of the essay questions.

Reviews (33)

Basic Member
Excellent, informative and practical.
Full Member
Great course, very helpful with preventative measures for classroom teachers!
Full Member
An easy way to learn the material
Full Member
Good info. As another put it, much better than watching the canned 1980's OSHA videos. Can I get out of the inservice training for this?
Full Member
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Full Member
Nice, and detailed, info about proper hand washing. Who knew?!
Basic Member
Basic Member
Learning at your own pace is much better than being required to watch vidoes! I learned more from this presentation!
Basic Member
Very good information. Quick and to the point!
Basic Member
Very informative.
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