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Online Searches


This contains courses and lessons dealing with using online searches in the classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools
Categories: Internet Searches


  • Online Searches
COURSE - Introducing Online Searches
This course provides an overview of how to search for information online using multiple techniques.more...† It covers some of the words and phrases associated with online searching.† It discusses some of the safety and security issues that are associated with searching the Internet, including how to follow school guidelines and ensure student safety when searching.† It also looks at some of the most popular online search engines and their features.† Finally, it examines some aspects of online searching that should be taken into consideration when planning lessons. 
COURSE - Integrating Online Searches in the Classroom
This course discusses ways to use online searching with elementary school students.more...† It provides examples of lessons that educators may use in the classroom.† It also examines how online searching can be used in English, math, science, social studies, and fine arts classes for secondary school students.† Real-life examples of lesson plans are provided in each subject area. 
COURSE - Searching with Google
This course covers what Google is and how it can be used.more...† It examines some of the main features of Google including those features that are available for Google members.† It looks at how to set up a Google account, as well as how to navigate the main areas of Google.† It discusses how Google can be used to search for specific areas of interest, such as books, definitions, images, articles, and maps.† Finally, this lesson covers how to filter Google searches by using negative search terms and advanced search options. 

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