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This contains courses and lessons dealing with integrating wikis in the classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools


  • Wikis
COURSE - Introducing Wikis
This course provides an overview of what wikis are and their benefits in classroom instruction.more... It discusses vocabulary you'll need to know, safety and security issues surrounding the use of wikis in the education environment, and popular wiki hosts and features. It also gives some tips on how to successfully incorporate wikis in your lesson plans, as well as real-life examples of how wikis might be used in the classroom. 
COURSE - Integrating Wikis in the Classroom
This course explores the use of wikis in the classroom.more... It provides real-world examples for teachers to use as they incorporate wikis as part of their classroom instruction. It discusses the collaborative nature of wikis and how they can be used as a repository of knowledge and for tracking group projects. It also discusses how to engage parents using wikis by allowing them to keep up-to-date on assignments and upcoming events. It also covers specific examples of how wikis can be used by teachers of elementary students, as well as those in secondary education subjects, such as English, math, science, social studies, and fine arts. 
COURSE - Creating Wikis
This course covers the basics of creating and sharing wikis.more... It discusses how to select a good wiki host, and lists tips and tricks for making effective wiki entries. It also goes over common steps for setting up a classroom wiki site, as well as how to edit a wiki page. The course also explains how to use RSS feeds to subscribe to wikis and discusses how to add an RSS feed to your own wiki site. 
COURSE - Using PBwiki
This course provides information about some of the features of PBwiki and how it can be used to create class wiki pages.more... It looks at how to navigate in PBwiki, including how to create a new wiki page, and how to incorporate plugins. It also gives some tips on how to successfully incorporate wikis in your lesson plans, as well as real-life examples of how PBwikis might be used in the classroom. 
COURSE - Using Wikipedia
This course looks at Wikipedia as a learning and educational tool.more... It considers the usefulness of a collaborative encyclopedia in classrooms and discusses how best to utilize it. This course also examines how to search for information within Wikipedia, and looks at editing tools available. Finally, this course discusses creating a Wikipedia user account and using it to submit articles. 

Reviews (5)

Basic Member
I agree with Mrs Summers - but there was a lot of great idea.
Basic Member
Lots of new learning for me. Thank you!
Full Member
This is a nice, quick introduction to wikis. It answered a lot of questions for me.
Basic Member
We are using wikis for our schoolwide book study. I enjoy this new learning.
Basic Member
Good introduction to wikis.
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