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Online Photo Sharing


This contains courses and lessons dealing with integrating online photo sharing in the classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools
Categories: Digital Media


  • Online Photo Sharing
COURSE - Introducing Online Photo Sharing
This course provides an overview of online photo sharing and the benefits of using it in classroom instruction.more... It discusses vocabulary you'll need to know and safety and security issues surrounding the use of online photo sharing in the education environment. It also gives some tips on how to successfully incorporate photo sharing in your lesson plans, as well as real-life examples of how photo sharing might be used in the classroom. 
COURSE - Integrating Online Photo Sharing in the Classroom
This course explores the use of photo sharing in the classroom.more... It provides real-world examples for teachers to use as they incorporate photo sharing as part of their classroom instruction. It discusses how to create and share online photo slideshows and how to create a photo bulletin board. It also explains how to assign a photo field trip presentation. The course also covers specific examples of how online photos can be used by teachers of elementary students, as well as those in secondary education subjects, such as English, math, science, social studies, and fine arts. 
COURSE - Using Flickr
This course provides a general overview of the functions available on Flickr, an online photo sharing and management tool.more... It discusses how to navigate and search for photos within Flickr. The course also examines how to use some of the organizational features in Flickr, such as searchable tags and Creative Commons licenses. In addition, the course covers how to post, share, and download photos using Flickr. 
COURSE - Using Picasa Web Albums
This course provides a general overview of the features and functions available through Picasa Web Albums, an online photo sharing site.more... The course also examines how to navigate the main areas of Picasa Web Albums, as well as how to add and organize photos. In addition, the course covers how to post and download photos using Picasa Web Albums. 

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