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TRACK - Leadership Skills - Admin Edition - Training And Testing


This track contains courses that address competencies and skills that are useful to administrators in a leadership role. Courses cover retaining valuable faculty and staff, recognizing performance in employees, motivating employees, setting goals and expectations, developing strategic plans, delegating, and managing change.


Subject: Soft Skills for Education
Categories: Administrator Resources
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • TRACK - Leadership Skills - Admin Edition - Training And Testing
COURSE - Retaining Valuable Faculty and Staff - Admin Edition
This course shows you how to keep the faculty and staff you've recruited and developed, and includes pointers for respecting employees, recognizing their achievements and rewarding them appropriately.more... 
COURSE - Recognizing Employee Performance - Admin Edition
This course instructs administrators how to lay the groundwork for successfully recognizing employee performance, and find out how to identify the recognition methods that your organization offers.more... There are suggestions for non-monetary rewards and ideas on how to use the position as a way to recognize and motivate. There are also techniques to help deliver recognition effectively through coaching and feedback. 
COURSE - Motivating Employees - Admin Edition
This course gives practical suggestions for identifying group and individual motivating factors and mobilizing them to energize employees.more... There are tools, techniques, and methods for revitalizing the school environment and encouraging initiative in each person in order to move everyone forward. 
COURSE - Setting Performance Goals and Expectations - Admin Edition
This course has tools and methods for collaboratively establishing goals and specific performance criteria for all employees.more... There are tips to help administrators obtain commitment to the goals and methods to help them review performance goals regularly. It also includes documentation guidelines and techniques to help them get results through effective feedback and positive reinforcement. 
COURSE - Developing a Strategic Plan - Admin Edition
This course will lead administrators and other personnel step-by-step through the development of a strategic plan, beginning with a powerful mission statement, analysis of a school's strengths and weaknesses, and assessment of its educational position.more... It includes tips on how to communicate the plan throughout the school convert it into action by developing supporting tactical plans, and reinforce results at all levels. 
COURSE - Delegating - Admin Edition
This course takes you through every step of the delegation process from beginning to end.more... You will learn how to define the task and determine to whom it should be given. There are tips and techniques for monitoring the task's progress without micromanaging, and methods for coaching and developing people along the way. There are also tools and methods to help you get the most value from every assignment. 
COURSE - Managing Change - Admin Edition
This course covers the most essential elements of living with and managing continual change.more... There are simple and straightforward techniques for dealing with the inevitable resistance, methods for setting goals and developing a plan, tools for understanding the personal and professional stresses that all employees experience, and suggestions for rebuilding trust and developing commitment to the changes that are implemented. 
COURSE - Creating a Strong Leadership Team - Admin Edition
This course delivers the key elements of how to create a leadership team that is a model for the rest of the school district.more... The strategies and tips are practical tools and methods to create and maintain a shared vision, define roles and responsibilities, and determine mutual goals and priorities. Key points also include techniques for avoiding power struggles and resolving issues to keep leaders focused and aligned. 

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