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TRACK - Personal Development - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing


This track contains courses that help you deal with some of the personal issues facing people at various stages of their lives. These courses cover choosing a childcare provider, taking responsibility for elderly loved ones, achieving personal goals, balancing work and family needs, coping with the loss of a loved one, and planning for retirement.


Subject: Soft Skills for Education
Categories: Personal Enrichment
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • TRACK - Personal Development - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing
COURSE - Choosing a Childcare Provider - Teacher Edition
This course covers some of the options available when choosing a childcare provider.more... It explains guidelines for identifying the essential services that you should expect, determining the competence of the child care staff, matching a childís needs with the providerís capabilities, and assuring that the child receives quality care while away from home. 
COURSE - Balancing Work and Family - Teacher Edition
This course discusses the importance of being able to balance the requirements of work and family demands in order to satisfy personal needs.more... It shows how to identify basic values and assure that efforts and time are spent in ways that bring the most reward and satisfaction. 
COURSE - Achieving Personal Goals - Teacher Edition
This course explores how you can define your goals and confirm your priorities.more... It explains how to set high but achievable goals, develop an action plan, and follow through to successful achievement. At the same time, it covers how you can anticipate and deal with roadblocks and diversions. 
COURSE - Personal Financial Planning - Teacher Edition
This course contains the essential principles of planning for both short- and long-term needs, and has many tools and references to provide guidance for planning and using personal financial resources.more... It gives tips and worksheets for setting financial goals, managing credit and debt, building your assets, and limiting your financial liabilities. 
COURSE - Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One - Teacher Edition
This course explores the complex emotions in dealing with the loss of a loved one.more... It covers how to understand the impact of losing a loved one and anticipate the emotions the bereaved person can experience. It discusses ways to help accept and deal with the loss. 
COURSE - Guardianship Decisions for Elderly Loved Ones - Teacher Edition
This course addresses many of the issues involved in making guardianship decisions for elderly loved ones.more... It provides specific directions for determining appropriate care alternatives, alerting you to pitfalls. It also discusses ideas for maintaining the loved oneís quality of life and enlisting the support of others. 

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Very important to start saving when your young.
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This can help in a lot of areas in life.
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