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TRACK - Emotional Management - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing


This track contains courses that can help you maintain emotional balance. These courses cover applying emotional intelligence, dealing with burnout, managing stress, and recognizing and responding to signs of potential violence in others.


Subject: Soft Skills for Education
Categories: Personal Enrichment, Workplace
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • TRACK - Emotional Management - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing
COURSE - Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Teacher Edition
This course teaches you how to handle your emotions and gear them towards a positive outcome.more... It covers topics on how to respond proactively, communicate more effectively, and inspire others to do the same. 
COURSE - Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout - Teacher Edition
This course discusses how to assess your own emotional state, locate the stressors in your life, and evaluate your expectations, a major contributor to burnout.more... It provides guidelines to identify the various stages of burnout and methods to recognize where you are in the process, and give you practical techniques for managing your own frustrations and anger and getting back on track. 
COURSE - Managing Stress - Teacher Edition
This course covers how to diagnose the stress in your life, identify the stressors you can and cannot control, and assess your readiness to make changes.more... It discusses how to develop a systematic approach to eliminate stressors, manage your time, and implement short-term and long-term coping mechanisms. You'll also learn how to avoid or address your own personal roadblocks. 
COURSE - Recognizing and Managing Anger - Teacher Edition
This course addresses how to identify the different sources of anger, as well as how to determine the emotional roots of your own anger and recognize how it manifests in your life.more... It provides tips to help you recognize your responses to anger, and gives you tools to manage it. It discusses how you can use your anger to gain positive outcomes. 
COURSE - Recognizing and Responding to Signals of Violence - Teacher Edition
This course examines some of the advance warning signs of a child's potential to carry out violent acts.more... It explores how teachers, parents, and other caring adults can learn to recognize them and respond effectively. 

Reviews (4)

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Very useful information
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Important information
Full Member
Very good information the hard part will be to implement the ideas
Basic Member
I am so glad I stumbled on this learning program. It was very healthy to have my feelings validated and important to be told to stop comparing myself to others; people process situations in different ways. How reassuring to know that apathy is a phase of burnout and not that Iím a bad person. ďSome people have been in burnout mode for so long that they donít know any alternative.Ē - this is me! I guess Iím in the first step of correcting burnout - admit that something is wrong.
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