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TRACK - Interpersonal Skills - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing


This track contains courses that deal with a variety of interpersonal skills useful to teachers and other education professionals. Courses cover developing critical thinking skills, providing effective feedback, dealing with negative people, appreciating personality differences, intervening in conflicts, managing disagreement, coaching and counseling, mentoring, and negotiating.


Subject: Soft Skills for Education
Categories: Personal Enrichment, Workplace
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • TRACK - Interpersonal Skills - Teacher Edition - Training And Testing
COURSE - Developing a Child's Critical Thinking Skills - Teacher Edition
This course addresses what adults can do to teach children how to think through and reason in age-appropriate ways, preparing them for the greater responsibilities that come as the child matures.more... There are diagnostic tools, activities, and communication techniques that adults will find very helpful. 
COURSE - Providing Effective Feedback - Teacher Edition
This course includes tools to develop helpful feedback and use it to motivate others It has techniques and methods to foster a nurturing environment, convey your improvement ideas, check for understanding, and help others learn from their mistakes.more... 
COURSE - Dealing with Negative People - Teacher Edition
This course will help you identify what it is that makes certain people pessimistic and what you can do to help them.more... It will identify strategies you can use for boosting self-esteem, morale, and turn negativity into positivity. 
COURSE - Appreciating Personality Differences - Teacher Edition
This course teaches why itís important to identify both your own personality style and the differing styles of others.more... Understanding these style differences will enable you to adapt to others and create a more harmonious work environment. 
COURSE - Conflict Intervention - Teacher Edition
This course addresses how to assess the climate of a conflict and understand the issues.more... It covers methods that can be used to gather information, neutralize the situation, clarify points of view, and define the conflict. It also discusses techniques for brokering a win/win situation, gaining commitment from all parties, and following through for complete resolution. 
COURSE - Managing Disagreement - Teacher Edition
This course identifies the strategies for solving conflict and maintaining positive working relationships.more... It will also help you identify the needs of both parties and the best manner for solving the disagreement. 
COURSE - Coaching and Counseling - Teacher Edition
This course identifies situations in which coaching and counseling are necessary, guides you in planning the actual coaching or counseling session, and provides strategies for success.more... 
COURSE - Mentoring - Teacher Edition
This course discusses the value and importance of mentoring others.more... It covers how to mentor effectively, as well as how you can benefit and grow as a mentor. 
COURSE - Successful Negotiation - Teacher Edition
This course covers the strategies and techniques you will need to help you define opportunities in which negotiating would be appropriate.more... It also explores how to create a win/win situation in any of your negotiations. 

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