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COURSE - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration

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This course addresses different challenges that may occur as a result of classroom technology integration. In it, users will learn about possible challenging situations that can arise, tips for planning lessons that use technology, how to examine and evaluate new technology, how to teach and model responsible use of technology, and how to discriminate between good and bad online educational resources.


Subject: Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Duration: 2 hours
Credit Hours: 2


  • COURSE - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration
Introduction - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration
Contains a course description and a brief overview of the objectives covered in this course.more... 
Learn How To Evaluate Educational Web Resources
Offers ways to discriminate between good and bad online educational resources.more...
Discusses rubrics and provides examples of some that help evaluate Web resources. 
Plan For New Situations Arising From Technology Integration
Lists possible situations that can arise in the learning environment due to wide-spread use of computers and the Internet.more...
Emphasizes that time will alleviate any initial stress that might occur with technology integration. 
Plan Lessons With Technology
Examines questions that should be considered when planning lessons that use technology.more...
Gives examples of how these questions help form a lesson plan. 
Acquire Funds For Classroom Technology
Gives pointers on how to acquire funds to help bring technology into the classroom.more...
Points out Web sites that offer information about getting grants. 
Establish Whether Particular Technologies Suit Your Needs
Reevaluates existing technology.more...
Presents questions and strategies that can be used to examine and evaluate new technology.
Provides resources to aid in researching new technologies. 
Determine Required Skills For Lessons Or Units
Emphasizes the importance of knowing which skills are required for lessons or units involving technology.more...
Suggests questions teachers should consider while planning lessons to help them determine necessary skills. 
Teach Responsible Use Of Technology
Examines responsible use of technology in the classroom.more...
Cautions against various forms of copyright infringement.
Encourages a positive attitude toward technology. 
Workbook - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration
Contains a printable workbook that includes a list of the lesson names and objectives covered in this course; a variety of real-life examples showing how the ideas and concepts discussed in this course could be used in a classroom, either as teaching tools or administrative aids; and exercises that provide additional practice and reinforcement of the skills and concepts covered in the course.more... 
Quiz - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration
Assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration course.more... 
Feedback - Considering Challenges Of Technology Integration
This survey contains six brief questions pertaining to your educational role and computer experience, as well as to how you would rate your knowledge of this subject before and after this course.more... 

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