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COURSE - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection

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This course covers many of the safety, privacy, and protection concerns involved with using the Internet and computing. It examines COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act that is designed to protect children’s privacy, and CIPA, the Children’s Internet Protection Act that suggests Internet safety guidelines. It discusses a variety of Internet protection measures that can be applied to help ensure safety, such as filters and monitoring. The course discusses potential Internet risks, such as identity theft, child exploitation, predators, hacking, and viruses, and includes ways that these risks can be minimized or avoided, as well as ways in which child exploitation can be reported. Cyberbullying and Internet hoaxes are also covered, along with guidelines and tips for dealing with them. Safety concerns when using chat rooms, blogs, and other social networks are also discussed, along with ways in which students and teachers can protect themselves. It also examines how to protect computer data by using safeguards such as backups, passwords, and anti-virus software.


Subject: Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Duration: 2 hours
Credit Hours: 2


  • COURSE - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection
Introduction - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection
Contains a course description and a brief overview of the objectives covered in this course.more... 
Look At Internet Privacy, Protection, And Security
Looks at privacy and protection concerns surrounding children's use of the Internet.more...
Addresses CIPA and how it can affect school libraries or schools receiving E-Rate funds.
Discusses COPPA and how it affects teachers.
Covers general ways to maintain a secure computer environment. 
Examine COPPA And Privacy Protection
Discusses COPPA, the Child Online Protection Privacy Act, and how it affects the privacy concerns of students.more...
Explains how to tell if a site is COPPA-compliant.
Touches on the requirements for preparing the classroom for COPPA. 
Examine CIPA And Internet Safety Guidelines
Defines CIPA, the Children's Internet Protection Act, and its Internet safety guidelines as it relates to students and teachers.more...
Explains how CIPA is used in the classroom. 
Consider Various Internet Protection Measures
Explains different technology-based measures that can protect students while using the Internet.more...
Discusses how using these protection measures can help meet CIPA requirements. 
Understand And Minimize Potential Internet Risks
Examines some of the risks involved in using the Internet, including identity theft, child exploitation, predators, hacking, and computer code attacks, such as viruses.more...
Provides guidelines that teachers and students can use to help minimize these risks. 
Understand Cyberbullying
Introduces cyberbullying.more...
Gives examples of what cyberbullying can entail.
Discusses the technologies that can allow for this anonymous behavior.
Offers suggestions about how to prevent cyberbullying. 
Look At Internet Hoaxes
Describes what Internet hoaxes are.more...
Discusses how they are harmful.
Identifies what to do with possible hoaxes.
Lists ways to identify hoaxes. 
Ensure Safety With Chat Rooms, Blogs, And Other Social Networks
Discusses some of the safety issues associated with chat rooms, blogs, and various social networks.more...
Covers ways in which teachers and students can help protect themselves when using social networks. 
Protect Computer Data
Discusses various methods of backing up data, such as to CDs and to a network.more...
Suggests options for recovering lost data, such as using data recovery software or AutoRecover for Microsoft Office applications.
Encourages the use of passwords and offers tips for creating effective ones.
Discusses virus scan software, and how it can be configured to scan specific locations at specific intervals. 
Workbook - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection
Contains a printable workbook that includes a list of the lesson names and objectives covered in this course; a variety of real-life examples showing how the ideas and concepts discussed in this course could be used in a classroom, either as teaching tools or administrative aids; and exercises that provide additional practice and reinforcement of the skills and concepts covered in the course.more... 
Quiz - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection
Assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection course.more... 
Feedback - Ensuring Internet And Computer Safety, Privacy, And Protection
This survey contains six brief questions pertaining to your educational role and computer experience, as well as to how you would rate your knowledge of this subject before and after this course.more... 

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automatic virus scanning is key.
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Very informative course- I appreciate the information.
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