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COURSE - Keeping Track With Databases

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This course explains what a database is and provides some ideas on how databases can be used in the classroom. The course discusses the elements of simple Microsoft Office Access databases, including tables, forms, queries, and reports. The advantages of using Access wizards to create database objects are examined, and a simple parent contact database is created. The course shows how to add, delete, sort, and search for data in an Access database. In addition, the course illustrates how to modify the design of an Access form by moving and deleting controls, and then shows how to enter and navigate through data using a form.


Subject: Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • COURSE - Keeping Track With Databases
Introduction - Keeping Track With Databases
Contains a course description and a brief overview of the objectives covered in this course.more... 
Why Use Databases?
Examines some common databases.more...
Discusses how to use databases to manage classroom data.
Looks briefly at how Access databases are constructed. 
Create Databases
Explains why you might want to use the database wizards available in Access to create a database.more...
Teaches how to create a database using a database wizard.
Demonstrates how to add additional fields using the wizard. 
Modify Databases By Deleting And Moving Controls
Explains how controls on forms can be modified.more...
Teaches how to delete controls from a form.
Illustrates how to move form controls. 
Enter Information Into Databases
Examines how to enter records into a database.more...
Illustrates how to use a form to enter data.
Shows how to move between records in a form. 
Locate Records
Discusses locating and replacing data in tables.more...
Demonstrates how to find specific data in a table. 
Delete Records
Explains the consequences of deleting records from a table.more...
Shows how to delete multiple records from a table. 
Sort Records
Discusses sorting records in a table.more...
Shows how to sort records.
Illustrates how to save a sort order. 
Workbook - Keeping Track With Databases
Contains a printable workbook that includes a list of the lesson names and objectives covered in this course; a variety of real-life examples showing how the ideas and concepts discussed in this course could be used in a classroom, either as teaching tools or administrative aids; and exercises that provide additional practice and reinforcement of the skills and concepts covered in the course.more... 
Quiz - Keeping Track With Databases
Assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Keeping Track With Databases course.more... 
Feedback - Keeping Track With Databases
This survey contains six brief questions pertaining to your educational role and computer experience, as well as to how you would rate your knowledge of this subject before and after this course.more...

Reviews (4)

Basic Member
I am a media specialist and for the very first time this year we are going to
try an open media center at our school. I was encouraged to do a a database
to see why the students were visiting the media center for example, to check out
a book, research, lesson, or silent reading. If each child that entered the center would check in at the computer database it would give me information at the
end of the year how the center was best utilized it would also give the students practice on using the computer.
Basic Member
Basic Member
Basic Member
very educational, and helpful for a non-techie like me.
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