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COURSE - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom

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This course provides an overview of what integrating technology in the classroom means. It also covers why schools or school districts would want to bring technology into classes, offering examples of how using various technologies can enrich students' learning experiences, as well as help teachers behind the scenes. To further usersí understanding of the benefits of technology integration, the course looks at how technology can reach students with different learning styles; how technology impacts different learning methods, such as authentic learning and active learning; and how technology can be used in support of two major learning theories. Also covered are benefits of technology integration broken down by subject areas, such as math, science, language arts, and so on.


Subject: Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Duration: 1 hour
Credit Hours: 1


  • COURSE - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom
Introduction - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom
Contains a course description and a brief overview of the objectives covered in this course.more... 
Understand Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Looks at different ways to interpret what is meant by integrating technology in the classroom.more...
Gives examples of how technology can be incorporated into the learning environment and why it is beneficial to do so. 
Examine Ways To Integrate Technology In The Classroom
Presents how teachers can use technology in the class both to aid them in teaching and to enrich the student learning environment.more...
Looks at how technology can be used outside the classroom to benefit the school system and parents. 
Examine Integrating Technology Behind The Scenes
Investigates different ways technology can be used behind the scenes.more...
Touches on different software applications that can enrich the learning environment. 
Identify The Need For Technology Integration
Examines why technology integration is needed in the classroom.more...
Identifies the benefits of such integration. 
Examine How Technology Can Affect Learning Methods
Examines different methods of learning.more...
Looks at how technology integration can help individual learning experiences. 
Explore Technology In Relation To Learning Theories
Discusses some important points in learning theory.more...
Examines how technology can be used with each point. 
Use Technology To Reach All Intelligence Types
Explains Gardner's eight intelligence types.more...
Examines how technology can be used to impact each intelligence type. 
Examine Benefits Of Technology Integration By Subject
Breaks down how technology can benefit each of the following school subjects: language arts, social studies, math, and science.more...
Points out how some of the tools can cross over a number of subject areas. 
Workbook - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom
Contains a printable workbook that includes a list of the lesson names and objectives covered in this course; a variety of real-life examples showing how the ideas and concepts discussed in this course could be used in a classroom, either as teaching tools or administrative aids; and exercises that provide additional practice and reinforcement of the skills and concepts covered in the course.more... 
Quiz - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom
Assesses the user's knowledge of the concepts covered in the Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom course.more... 
Feedback - Understanding Technology Integration In The Classroom
This survey contains six brief questions pertaining to your educational role and computer experience, as well as to how you would rate your knowledge of this subject before and after this course.more...

Reviews (42)

Basic Member
Great course.
Basic Member
Great course. Loved all the information!
Full Member
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Basic Member
It is a great course,,, I came to know a lot all about technology integration.
Basic Member
Everything worked perfectly! Great information for in-services for our staff. Many use technology in these ways and it's good for them to see this. It confirms to them that they are using it correctly. This lesson also shows how to use it more and more effectively.
Basic Member
Definitely refreshed my understanding of learning theories ans multiple intelligences.
Full Member
This was a great refresher course.
Basic Member
I am completing the sessions, but the status remains "not attempted." I used the text feature instead of the audio. This is pretty basic knowledge and meant for the beginner, I believe.
Basic Member
Basic knowledge, but refreshed my understanding of Learning theories and intelligences
Basic Member
Validated what I've been working on with teachers. Great course.
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