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Mobile Learning Basics

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This course contains all of the SimpleK12 award winning webinars on this subject area. Inside these webinars, you'll find substantial content and real-life examples to inspire your students and enhance your classroom. Many of the world's top teachers, administrators and education experts choose the Teacher Learning Community to build their 21st century skills and learn best practices... it's great to have you with us!

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''They always go straight to the point with practical ideas that one can implement.'' - Rebecca Kranz, Principal

''It's great to be able to attend a training webinar without having to pack a lunch, fight traffic on the way to the facility, sit in a cold room and then later struggle with tech support to get my certificate. SimpleK12 webinars truly afford a unique opportunity to roll out of bed, pick up your iPad and attend a webinar and when you're done I know right where to get my certificate.'' – Jim Jewell, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

''These webinars are much more informative and practical for my schedule. Tons of assistance for today's educator. Nice to have these resources in my ''workshop'' of educational tools.'' – Scott Fairfield, Teacher

''I love the on-demand webinars, especially the web tool ones, because I get so excited about the tools that I love to go back and watch them again. Nothing is better than sitting with my laptop, a big mug of hot greentea while wearing my comfy clothes and my bunny slippers and viewing a webinar.'' – Bobbi Capwell, Technology Integration Specialist

''It is wonderful being able to watch and learn on your own schedule.'' - Cindy Griffith, Teacher


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Mobile Learning Basics


  • Mobile Learning Basics
Getting Started with Mobile Learning
Would you like to get started using mobile devices in your classroom?more... Along with tips for getting started, you will discover suggestions for classroom practices and top mobile apps for educators. Learn keyboarding strategies, the correct posture to use when working with mobile devices, ways to assess learning with tablets, and how to inspire real world learning with mobile devices. You will also discover tips and strategies for going 1:1, including suggestions for students bringing and using their own devices. 
Managing Students, Classrooms, and Mobile Devices
Would you like to use tablets and mobile devices to manage student behavior, classroom resources, lessons, and more?more... Discover how to use your tablet, along with various mobile apps, to help manage student conduct, resources, paperwork, lesson planning, and classroom observations. Hear about apps and strategies for managing mobile devices and student usage, as well as how to design, create, and control interactive lessons. 
Teaching Techniques and Strategies with Mobile Devices
Integrating mobile devices in your classroom can be a rewarding way to engage students and reinforce learning, but it may seem daunting to get started.more... Learn various strategies and teaching techniques to make your mobile integration smoother and more effective. Ideas and suggestions for how to use mobile devices and apps for project-based learning, blended learning, review, assessment, instructional guides, and more are included. Discover ideas for motivating learners, promoting creativity, and reaching all students. 
Reinforcing Concepts and Understanding with Mobile Devices
Whatever mobile devices you are using, it’s important to keep the learning objective as the primary focus.more... Discover mobile apps, resources, and activities to help you reinforce concepts such as literacy, math, and science. Learn how to reinforce learning and review concepts with digital stories, QR Codes, and student projects that use mobile devices. 

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