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Getting Started with iPads: A General Overview of iPad Apps, Tools, and Tips

A general overview of iPads, apps, and activities to enhance student engagement and learning.


The integration of iPads and other mobile devices into the classroom has transformed the ways in which many students learn, interact with, and produce content. This toolkit contains webinars that provide a general overview of iPads, along with various apps and activities that can enhance student engagement and learning. Discover a wide-ranging list of free apps that educators should not be without, as well as some free apps geared primarily for elementary teachers and other free apps more appropriate for middle and high-school teachers. Learn how you can minimize off-task behavior and create interactive activities, quizzes, and more that you control on mobile devices. You will also hear how you can gain mobility and control your interactive whiteboard using your iPad. Discover strategies for improving keyboarding skills on the iPad, as well as iPad activities to get students moving, apps to get students excited about reading, and ways to access free information and classes using an iPad. Finally, if you are a new iPad user, an orientation for new iPad users will provide tips and suggestions for quickly getting up and running with your iPad.


Subject: SimpleK12 Legacy Assignments


  • Getting Started with iPads: A General Overview of iPad Apps, Tools, and Tips
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