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Chromebook Toolkit

Strategies, tips, tools, and apps for implementing and using Chromebooks in the classroom.

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Are you using or thinking about using Chromebooks in your classroom or school? This toolkit contains webinars that explore the use of Chromebooks in the classroom, including helping you to decide which device Chromebooks or iPads might be better for the tasks you want to perform. Learn tips and procedures for implementing Chromebooks, and discover what it takes to get educators up to speed with them, as well as classroom management strategies that focus on using Chromebooks for content delivery and personalized learning. You will find out about a range of Chrome apps that can be used to enhance your lessons in a variety of subject areas, as well as how to find these apps in the Chrome store. In addition, you will learn about using Google Chrome as a browser.

Note: In order to make the most of your Chromebook, in addition to this toolkit you may also want to explore the webinars offered in one or more of these toolkits: Google Toolkit: An Overview of Google Tools, Google Toolkit: Tools for Class and Student Projects, Google Toolkit: Tools to Manage Your Class and Time, or Google Toolkit: Tools for Administrators.


Subject: Google Chromebooks


  • Chromebook Toolkit
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Full Member
Very informative.
Full Member
This was very helpful. Thank you!
Basic Member
Great information and ideas for implementation.
Full Member
Great webinars. Excellent demonstration of tools.
Full Member
Thank you!!
Basic Member
Google Chrome is awesome. Our School has gone Google for Google
Full Member
Very Helpful! Just got chromebooks.
Full Member
Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us!
Full Member
My classroom is getting Chrome Books this year and I knew nothing about them or how to use them in the classroom. These webinars were extremely informative with loads of resources. Thank you.
Basic Member
A lot of good information. Thanks.
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