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College & Career Readiness: ELA, Reading, and Writing

Strategies, Web tools, and apps to improve ELA, reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

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Students who plan on attending college, as well as many of those who hope to find a good job right after high school, are more likely to be successful if they read and write well. This toolkit contains webinars that explore various ways and sites that can be used to help students become better readers and writers. They will cover strategies for teaching reading, including helping students to understand and analyze complex texts. You will discover ways to teach argument writing and other ELA standards across curriculum, as well tips and strategies for using digital writing to collaborate and publish. If you use mobile devices, you can discover how to entice reluctant secondary level readers with mobile apps.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness


  • College & Career Readiness: ELA, Reading, and Writing
Common Core: Read, Understand and Analyze Complex Texts
Do your students complain that they don't remember or understand what they read?more...
Teaching Reading in the Digital Age
Have you been looking for practical, user-friendly ways to inject technology into your reading instruction while digging deeper into authentic texts?more...
Entice Reluctant Middle and High School Readers with Engaging MobileApps
With all of their digital distractions, it can often be challenging to get many older students interested in reading, but using an iPad or other tablet can help to spark their enthusiasm for books.more...
Reading and Writing Web Sites to Enhance Literacy and Engage Learners
Would you like to enhance your students' reading and writing skills in ways that not only engage the students, but that also help to seamlessly integrate technology into their learning?more...
Common Core: Strategies for Teaching Argument Writing Across Curriculum
Are you unsure how to teach argument writing in your English, history, or science class?more...
Writing: Forming a Clear Argument and Supporting It with Strong Evidence
Do you know how to make a good argument in writing?more...
Digital Writing: Collaborate, Reflect, and Publish
In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill for success beyond the classroom.more...
Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach ELA Standards
Do you teach English, history, or science?more...

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Awesome resources!
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very informative
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Interesting all the cool tools!
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loved learning about cloning

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Very interesting... nice presentation!
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Can cation run for Alabama state education commissioner ? Wow you are such a good teacher! Thank you
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