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Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit

Tips, strategies, and websites to help you use your Interactive Whiteboard to its fullest potential.

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For many teachers, the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) has become a glorified overhead projector used mainly for sharing slideshows, but they can be used for so much more! This toolkit contains webinars that will help you to use your IWB to its fullest potential. Discover how to create engaging, research-based content for your Interactive Whiteboard and how you can make it truly interactive. Learn about free, interactive Web tools that can help secondary math students practice and demonstrate their math skills, or encourage secondary language arts students to read, write, and research. Resources for K-4 and Special Ed classrooms are also included, along with suggestions for creating time-saving quizzes and tests using your IWB. If you have an iPad, learn how you can control your IWB using that iPad, giving you mobility and freedom to move around the room.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Interactive Whiteboards


  • Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit
Create Engaging, Research-based Content for Your Interactive Whiteboard
Have you ever wondered if there were templates or guidelines you could follow to create truly engaging, interactive lessons for your Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)?more...
Is your Interactive Whiteboard Really Interactive?
Are you getting the most out of your Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) or are you mainly using it to display text, notes, pictures, and presentations?more...
Read, Write, and Research: Web Tools to use with an Interactive Whiteboard in Language Arts
Are you looking for Web tools that will help motivate your middle and high school English Language Arts students to read, write, and research?more...
Free Web Tools to Use with an Interactive Whiteboard in Secondary Mathematics
Are you looking for math Web tools that will encourage your Secondary Math students to practice and demonstrate their math skills?more...
Increase Classroom Mobility: Control Your Computer or IWB with Your iPad
As the iPad makes us more and more mobile, there are still a few school and classroom tasks that require sitting in front of a computer desktop.more...
Create Time-saving Quizzes and Tests with Interactive Whiteboards and Clickers
Do you have an interactive whiteboard that you'd like to use more?more...
Interactive Resources for the K-4 Classroom
Have you been struggling to find engaging interactive resources that you can use on any Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)?more...
Interactive Whiteboard Activities for Your Special Ed Students!
Have you struggled to find the appropriate websites and interactive whiteboard (IWB) activities for your special ed students?more...

Reviews (18)

Full Member
Good information.
Full Member
Good information.
Full Member
Good information.
Full Member
This was great I am new at using white boards and it helped me in discovering what can be done to enhance my lessons.
Great resource for using interactive whiteboards.
Full Member
This was an amazing array of practical, innovative, and exciting resources for using the interactive whiteboard. I am a librarian, working with K - 5th graders, and always looking for different ways to engage the students in our brief weekly sessions. WOW!
Basic Member
Lots of great resources.
Basic Member
Very helpful
Full Member
Thanks for sharing.
Basic Member
This is the information I needed to begin the 3rd 9 weeks of school. Thank you,
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